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By | September 10, 2018

I’m really looking forward to my forthcoming break – a short stay in Pembrokeshire, with a couple of days in Cardiff on the way, my first solo trip in some considerable time. I’ll enjoy visiting the beautiful coastline of my childhood holidays, maybe taking in a visit to Laugharne too – but the undoubted highlight of my trip will be the opportunity to spend time at the Narberth Book Fair on 22nd September. I did promise myself a visit when the book fair was held in Tenby, but life conspired to make that impossible: this year, the book fair has moved to its new home at the Queen’s Hall in Narberth, a venue that looks quite perfect to accommodate the growing popularity of the event.

You can find more details about the 40+ authors attending on the book fair’s excellent website, as well as more about the events planned for the day. So many of the authors have previously been featured on Being Anne, and I’m very much looking forward to meeting them and attending some of the talks. Today I’ll share links to some of those earlier features – and over the next few days (starting Wednesday) I’ll share four reviews of some books I’ve read while awaiting the day itself. The images link to the authors’ Amazon pages.

Carol Lovekin

Photograph of Carol by Janey Stevens

Review of Ghostbird, with author interview

Review of Snow Sisters

The imagery, the descriptions, the detail drawn from nature – they are just breath-taking in their beauty … the ghost is as real to the reader as she is to the girls, her anguish palpable and heart-breaking … Sublime writing… (from my review of Snow Sisters)


Wendy White/Sara Gethin

Review of Not Thomas

if you’d told me that I’d sit, totally rapt, reading a book written in the voice of a five year old child, seeing that dreadful world through his eyes and from his unique perspective – well, I really wouldn’t have believed you… a unique and unforgettable experience. (from my review of Not Thomas)


Jo Verity

Review of A Different River

From the moment Miriam stands by the toilet with a box in her hands, the author had hooked me… I loved the twists and turns of the story, Miriam’s unconventional decision on how to “escape”, her dealing with the various family issues, her relationships both romantic and otherwise – and the fact that what looks like the perfect outcome can still sometimes leave you with the feeling that maybe it isn’t enough. (From my review of A Different River)


Thorne Moore

Review of The Unravelling

Guest post on Shadows – slightly spooky?

Review of Shadows

Extract from Shadows

This was one of those stories with a bit of everything – strong and sympathetic characters, well drawn and sometimes complex emotions and relationships, real shocks and surprises, a real edge of darkness and evil, a wonderful sense of place with superb descriptions, a touch of romance, a cracking story. (From my review of Shadows)


Jessie Cahalin

Guest post – Back to the 70s, You Can’t Go It Alone

Review of You Can’t Go It Alone

The anchor for the characters’ stories is Delfryn itself – vividly drawn, described in the kind of detail that enable the reader to walk its paths and experience its beautiful scenery through the eyes of its characters through the changing seasons… the author has a real feeling for character and place, and it really shines through her work. (From my review of You Can’t Go It Alone)


Alison Layland

Review of Someone Else’s Conflict, with author interview

Far more than its parts, (this book) exposes the waste and futility of fighting for a cause, the tragic effects of a civil war that can’t be won… an excellent read, a real page turner that confounds your initial expectations. (From my review of Someone Else’s Conflict)


Susi Osborne

Introducing Susi Osborne, on publication day for Angelica Stone

Review of Angelica Stone

I’d read the description, and I was expecting “laughter and tears” – but this book was a dark and delicious surprise from beginning to end, and really not what I was expecting at all… refreshingly different, and so very well written. (From my review of Angelica Stone)


Other features and spotlights on Being Anne

Spotlight – Living in the Shadows by Judith Barrow

Guest post – The House With Old Furniture by Helen Lewis

Spotlight – Remember No More by Jan Newton

I do hope I haven’t missed anyone! Reviews to follow of books by Judith Barrow, Thorne Moore, Alex Martin and Cheryl Rees-Price…

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  1. jessiecahalin

    Thanks for the mention in this beautifully presented post. You are so kind, and I am excited to meet you in Narberth. Fingers crossed the Welsh weather is kind to you.

    1. Anne Post author

      Packing waterproofs just in case, Jessie – and beginning to get rather excited! See you soon xx

    1. Anne Post author

      Thanks Joanne – really looking forward to it!😊

  2. Carol Lovekin

    At last, we get to meet, dear Anne. I’m looking forward to it more than I can say!
    And thank you for this wonderful promotional post! xXx

    1. Anne Post author

      Always a pleasure Carol – excitement level now rising! See you soon xxx

  3. Judith Barrow

    Thank you so much, Anne, Wonderful posts like yours bring the Narberth Book Fair and all our great authors to the attention of so many readers.

    1. Anne Post author

      I do hope so, Judith – you have the most wonderful authors attending, and I can’t begin to imagine the effort that must go into the organising. I’m very much looking forward to my visit.

  4. Sara Gethin

    Thank you so much for featuring Not Thomas in your round-up, Anne. I can’t wait to finally meet you – you’ve been such a champion for authors in Wales. Diolch yn fawr iawn. I hope you have a wonderful few days – you’ll certainly get a warm welcome at the Narberth Book Fair!

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