Welcome to Being Anne!

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When I first set up this blog, I really agonised over what to call it. I wanted it to be more than “just a book blog”, but I still need to work on that one. Maybe one day – but then again maybe not. I’m enjoying myself too much with the books.

My name is Anne (as you’ve probably guessed…) and I live in the beautiful market town of Wetherby in West Yorkshire. I haven’t always lived here though – I’m originally from a village near Bangor in North Wales.  I worked as a civil servant (DWP) for more years than I care to remember, in my later years working in project and change management, and in marketing and communications.

But I’m now 65 years of age, and able to spend my time doing all the things I most enjoy: I was lucky enough to be able to take early retirement in March 2014.

My first passion has always been reading – I now enjoy spending much of my time doing just that, writing about books here on Being Anne, and discussing them with blogging and reading friends. I really enjoy doing a monthly book review slot on local community radio, Tempo FM in Wetherby, and also run the local U3A Book Group. I travel regularly to book related events – and am lucky to be invited to some of the best launches and parties!


My second passion is travel – I live for my holidays, usually long haul, and to places where other people might not have been.  I do write – a little – about my holidays here on Being Anne, and always share links to my photos.


Every so often, I might write about other things I enjoy on Being Anne – food, theatre, films, concerts and anything that takes my fancy and makes life interesting. But then again, if it’s mostly about books, you will forgive me, won’t you?