Happy New Year – a personal catch-up, and what’s coming up #SundayBlogShare #amreading

By | January 8, 2017

Happy New Year everyone! As I’ve been ever so quiet recently, I just wanted to let everyone know that everything’s going well here – well, apart from the reading and reviewing, but more about that later. Mum’s new apartment is coming along nicely, and we had fun over Christmas choosing some new key items. Now, you might just expect a 91 year old to be all chintz and antiques, but take a look at these!


We’ve just chosen a lovely pale grey flecked carpet to go with it all, and the move is now scheduled for mid February. After a bit of a heart-stopping moment over a list of the silliest “concerns” on the survey – none with any foundation – the sale of the family home’s progressing well too, to a lovely family who are happy to be flexible on completion. Meanwhile, my every waking moment is spent listing, selling, valuing and packing away 50 years of family home. Mum is still pretty shell-shocked by everything, but “helping” (enough said?!)… we’ll get there, and out the other side, and life will be a shade of normal again.

We had a surprisingly good Christmas – with lovely trips to the ballet (Beauty and the Beast at Leeds Grand) and the theatre (Strictly Ballroom, the Baz Luhrmann musical, at the Playhouse – highly recommended should it come your way).


Then there was the excellent New Year Viennese concert at Leeds Town Hall. Sadly, things then went a bit Pete Tong when Mum fell heavily down some stone steps as we left the building, followed by 4 hours at A+E (yes, on New Year’s Eve…) where we failed to see a doctor and a nurse recommended paracetamol and a good night’s sleep. Mum’s been a bit battered and bruised (and down) since then, but a local doctor confirmed soft tissue bruising only (thank goodness), and things are looking better day by day.

So what about Being Anne – the book blog and the reviews – I hear you ask. I’m so sorry, but I’m so exhausted with everything else that I haven’t finished a book in weeks, and my limited on-line time (coupled with the direst wi-fi that only works in one room in the house…) is just making doing anything meaningful impossible. I do have a few lovely features coming up though.

On Monday 9th, I’m delighted to be launching the paperback tour for Laura E James’ What Doesn’t Kill You. I loved this one – something very different from Choc Lit under their “Dark” imprint – when it was first released as an e-book, so I’ll be sharing my review again together with a really lovely post from Laura. (And many thanks to Laura for sharing quotes from my review in her pre-release publicity… that was just so special!).


On Thursday 12th I’m joining the cover reveal tour for Caught Between Two Worlds by the lovely June Moonbridge… and it’s beautiful…


Then on Monday 16th it’s another tour with Brook Cottage Books, but this time I’ll be reading and reviewing – Paradise Prison by Faith Mortimer, the latest in the Dark Minds series, and one I can see loads of people reading and enjoying.


On Monday 30th, another blog tour launch, and one I’m particularly delighted to be part of, for Jane Cable’s Another You. I’ve read it already, and loved it – I’ll be reviewing, offering the chance to win a copy AND sharing an extract.


On Monday 6th February, I’ll be joining the tour for Secrets We Keep by Faith Hogan with a review – this is one I’m really looking forward to, after enjoying My Husband’s Wives so much.


And on Tuesday 7th, I’ll be featuring the new book by Liza Perrat – The Silent Kookaburra – with the chance to win one of several copies (I do wish I could read and review this one – but it’ll be one I’ll look forward to later).


I do hope I’ll be able to slot in a few more reviews… but if I can’t, I’ll really make up for it when I emerge on the other side of the move. There are so many books I’m looking forward to catching up on!

Love, Anne xxx

17 thoughts on “Happy New Year – a personal catch-up, and what’s coming up #SundayBlogShare #amreading

  1. cleopatralovesbooks

    Good luck with everything Anne and it’s good to see you, if only briefly while everything gets sorted. Wishing you and your Mum all the best for 2017 and I love the home décor choices 😉

    1. Anne Post author

      Thank you Cleo – and I’ll tell Mum her choices have the thumbs up! ?

  2. kendraolson

    Happy new year, Anne! So glad to hear that you both managed to have a nice Christmas, despite all the sadness and stress you’ve had recently. Your mum’s new furniture is lovely, and it’s good to hear she’s moving forward too. We’ve had something similar happen recently so I can understand why you’ve not been able to do much reading and reviewing (I haven’t either!). Hoping the new year brings both of us bright new beginnings. Kendra x

  3. lindasbookbag

    We’ve missed you lovely lady. I know exactly how hard it can be. Had to tackle some of Dad’s garage for a light bulb yesterday and that set off all kinds of emotions. You know the blogging community is right behind you and we’ll do anything we can to help. Look after yourself as well as your Mum xx

  4. Author Barbara Copperthwaite

    I love your mum’s funky new furniture and colour scheme! Lovely to see that things are gradually improving for you both. It takes times, but you’ll get there! In the meantime, we all miss you and are sending you love xx

  5. sharon

    Happy New Year to you and your mum, Anne. So glad you enjoyed Christmas, and it’s good to hear that your mum’s move is progressing, although not so good to hear about her fall! Take care of yourself and concentrate on your mum for now. You have our total support. xxx

  6. lollyrugs

    Happy New Year to you and your mum Anne, hope the move goes well and glad to see things are slowly improving for you. Take care x

  7. Karen

    I like your mum’s choices and so pleased to hear that the move is progressing. I hope all is well following the fall xx

  8. Carol Lovekin

    Although you are missed by many, Anne, your friends understand. I’m amazed you are already so in the zone & look forward to reading more. With love & affection. xXx

  9. Judith Barrow

    OH, Anne, what a time. I’m sure everybody understands; real life takes over and must come first. I admire the way you’re keeping Being Anne going. My best wishes to you and your mum… and family. I too will be changing things in 2017. xx

  10. Jill's Book Cafe

    Happy New Year, hope it soon finds you both sorted, if not totally settled. Any move take time, but coupled with bereavement it’s no easy journey. Glad you’re still finding a little time for yourself and everyone is still here looking forward to seeing you back. Take café xx

  11. adrienneauthor

    Hello Anne and happy new year. Welcome back and here’s hoping 2017 will better for you. Lovely positive news about your mum – apart from her fall, I do hope she’s loads better soon – and her new home looks as if it’s going to be both comfortable and stylish, well done to both of you. Love. X

  12. Janet MacLeod Trotter

    All the very best to you and your courageous Mum for the move and in the year to come – hope it is filled with good things for you both x

  13. Wendy Janes

    Happy New Year to you and your mum, Anne. The furniture looks most stylish. I hope this year brings you plenty of happy times. Take care.

  14. jolambertwriter

    Hi Anne Happy New Year and sorry to hear about Mum – hope she’s feeling better now. It looks like a busy start for you on the reviewing front! Wishing you a great 2017 xx

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