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By | December 24, 2016


I wondered how to sign off this Christmas, but it was always obvious really. I just want to say a big thank you.

First of all, thank you for the books. I’ve bought many, but I’ve also received so many wonderful books this year – from authors and publishers, from the eagerly anticipated to the unexpected surprise – and have so appreciated every one. Because of the rather unexpected ending to my year, there are many that I’ve been unable to read and review as planned and promised – and I do hope to catch up with some later – but the fact so many people trusted me with their words, and wanted me to share my thoughts, always means a great deal to me.

And thank you for the love and support. In addition to the many friends I already value so much, I’ve made so many new friends this year – readers, bloggers and authors. I was totally overwhelmed by all the lovely messages – here, and elsewhere on social media – when I lost my Dad: the ongoing support, as I wrestle with my Mum’s forthcoming move, has meant the world to me. Thank you so much, everyone.

To those of you who consistently and reliably share my posts on Twitter and Facebook (and also to those of you who do it when you can), another enormous thank you. I don’t say “thank you” anything like often enough, but every single share is so very much appreciated. I do try to share yours in return whenever I can, but I know I’ve been falling down on the job a bit recently. I haven’t been able to publicise my own posts as much as I’d like to either – but you’ve all been doing it quite magnificently for me. This book-loving community we’re all part of is so very precious to me, full of some of the loveliest people I know – thank you, everyone.

And thank you for all the lovely conversations – in person, at the lovely events I’m lucky enough to be invited to, by email, on Book Connectors, elsewhere on Facebook and through Twitter. Since my retirement, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to make books the focus of (almost!) everything I do, and I haven’t regretted it for a single instant.

Thank you to everyone I’ve welcomed here as a guest this year – both guest posts and interviews. And thank you to everyone who has commented on my posts – I always really appreciate it.

And a massive thank you to everyone who simply reads my posts. I’m so delighted that so many people enjoy the blog, and I hope my blogging activity can step up again soon. January is still going to be difficult – I haven’t made very many blog promises – but, until things return to normal, I do promise to review the books I manage to read.

I’d just like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas, precious time with families and loved ones, and a New Year we can all look forward to.

Much love, Anne xx

32 thoughts on “A Christmas thank you from #BeingAnne… #bookbloggers #amreading

  1. sharon

    And thank YOU, Anne, for all your support. You’ve not had an easy year, yet you’ve done your very best for us, just the same. I really appreciate it and I know I’m not the only one. Sending love to you this Christmas and hoping you have a much happier 2017. xxx

  2. lindasbookbag

    So beautifully and eloquently put Anne. I want to thank you too for all your support in what has been an awful year. Thank you for your kindness and friendship. Here’s to a better year next year xxx

    1. Anne Post author

      2017? It’ll be just wonderful. Thank you so much for your friendship and support while struggling with your own year from hell – it’s meant a great deal to me xxx

    1. Anne Post author

      I’ll do my best Chris! Merry Christmas to you and yours xxx

  3. Jill's Book Cafe

    A lovely heartfelt and thoughtful post. One of my joys this year has been engaging with Twitter as it’s brought me many new bookish friends and introduced me to a side of blogging I hadn’t realised existed. Through that I’ve appreciated much more how supportive and friendly our community is and it’s been a pleasure to get to know you this year. I suspect that Christmas might well be something you are getting through rather than celebrating, but if nothing else it’s a brief respite. Going forward I wish you a happier New Year and look forward to reading your news and views. All best whishes xx

    1. Anne Post author

      Now you’re one of those lovely new friends I’ve so enjoyed “meeting” this year, Jill – very best wishes, and have a lovely Christmas xx

  4. The Quiet Knitter

    Thank you for just being your Anne, one of the nicest people I’ve “met” this year. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you this year, the good part of blogging is the number of wonderful people I’ve found be it bloggers, publishers or just new people. Hope all goes well with your mum and her move, stay strong my lovely. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year xxxx

    1. Anne Post author

      Kate, it’s been so lovely to “meet” you too. Wishing you and those you love a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year xxx

    1. Anne Post author

      Thank you Barbara! Really looking forward to being part of your exciting year ahead. Have a lovely Christmas xx

    1. Anne Post author

      Thank you Cathy – and the same to you xx

  5. Mary Grand

    Thank you Anne, wishing you a peaceful christmas , with best wishes Mary x

  6. Judith Barrow

    Thank you,Anne. I share your sadness this Christmas, having lost Mum in November. But there are still the lovely memories to savour in quiet moments. I hope all goes as smoothly as possible with your mum and i wish you a peaceful Christmas. Thank you for all your support this year with both my books and the book fair; it has been so appreciated. You are a wonderfully generous person. I believe in karma – there will be much love, peace and happiness coming your way.X

    1. Anne Post author

      Judith, you’ve been very much in my thoughts as Christmas approached, and your lovely message brought a tear to my eye. May 2017 be a happier year for us both, and I wish you a peaceful Christmas xx

  7. lollyrugs

    Happy Christmas Anne and such a beautiful post, thank you for all your support this year special lady & hope next year is a better one for you ??

  8. suemoorcroft

    Merry Christmas, Anne, and thank you for all your support this year, despite your own issues and sadnesses. xx

    1. Anne Post author

      Really thrilled by the success of The Christmas Promise, Sue – wishing you a lovely Christmas xx

  9. Wendy Janes

    Such a lovely post, Anne. Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and many, many happy days through 2017.

    1. Anne Post author

      Thank you Wendy – another new friend who’s been such a great supporter this year. Have a lovely Christmas xxx

  10. alison brodie

    Merry Christmas, Anne. I hope 2017 will be more restful for you. And thank you for supporting us authors. You do a great job. Alison x

  11. sherylbrowne

    Thank you, Anne, for your wonderful support. Wishing you a warm, peaceful Christmas and much love and luck for 2017. 🙂 x

  12. Carol Lovekin

    Love in abundance, dear Anne as we move into 2017. Often in my thoughts, always on my thank you list – you are one of the loveliest people I have met this year & it is a privilege to know you. xXx

    1. Anne Post author

      Thank you Carol – brought a tear to my eye with that one! And thank you everyone for your good wishes. I’m sorry that my current absence will continue for a little while – online time is proving very difficult – but I do hope to be back doing what I love before too long xxx

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