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By | November 8, 2016

Hello everyone. It’s so lovely to be publishing a “coming up” post again – I’ve been really missing putting my blog together. However, with apologies to all, I do need to be realistic and accept (for a while, at least) that I just can’t be quite as full-on as I was before my recent break. There’s still a great deal of sorting out to do following the loss of my father, my mother (understandably, at 91) needs a lot of support, and I’ll also be sorting out arrangements to move her to live a little closer to me.

I am reading, but very slowly (my mojo seems to have departed, hopefully temporarily), and I’m also finding it extremely difficult to find the time and space to write reviews. And that does leaves me with a bit of a problem – I have many books provided by authors and publishers that I really can’t hope to get to within a reasonable timescale, and I do apologise for the inevitable and unavoidable broken promises.

Let me start by telling you what I will definitely be doing. I have reviews to write of two books I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed – The Velvet Cloak of Moonlight by Christina Courtenay, and Lily’s House by Cassandra Parkin – and I hope to get them onto the blog this week. I’m part way through reading the wonderful Wild Water series by Jan Ruth, which I plan to review in its entirety as soon as I finish, and I’m really enjoying The Last Days of Leda Grey by Essie Fox, also with a review planned before too long.


Then, there are the blog tours. On Wednesday 9th November, I’ll be joining the blog tour for The Shogun’s Queen with a lovely interview with author Lesley Downer.


On Monday 14th November, I have a lovely interview with Elizabeth Ducie, looking at her life and writing, and focusing on her latest book, Counterfeit!, the first in the Suzanne Jones thriller series.


On Tuesday 15th November I’ll be joining the blog tour for The Dress by Jane Rosen, with my review.


And on Friday 25th November, I’ll be reviewing Beneath The Ashes by Jane Isaac for the blog tour arranged by Legend Press.


On Sunday 27th, I have a gorgeous guest post about Sicily from Ellie Darkins, author of Holiday with the Mystery Italian, published on 1st December.


There are a few dates firmed up in December too – with Leslie Tate, Jess Stenson, Yana Stanjo (for Clink Street Christmas), Amy Lynch and Sam Carrington.

But I really must make some hard decisions about what to do with all that outstanding reading for the rest of this year – and I’ve been making some plans. From my October list, I still plan to read and review What Tim Knows by Wendy Janes, Trust Me I Lie by Louise Marley and Hampstead Fever by Carol Cooper – all authors I’ve already featured, and books I’d really like to catch up on.


From my November list, I’m hoping to read and review The Liberation by Kate Furnivall, Garden of Stars by Rose Alexander,  Once Upon A Long Ago and Baxter’s Christmas Wish by Sharon Booth, Somebody Else’s Boy and The Gift of Christmas Yet To Come by Jo Bartlett, The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen by Cass Grafton and Ada Bright, and Phoebe Smith’s Private Blog by Lynda Renham.



My only other planned non-Christmas read for this year will be Gorgito’s Ice Rink by Elizabeth Ducie – otherwise it’ll be Christmas books all the way, from Julie Houston, Sue Watson, Mandy Baggot, Julia Williams and Kathryn Freeman.


Sincere apologies to everyone else, because the chances of me managing any more (other than the occasional guest post) will be very slim indeed… by January, I do hope life will have settled down a little.

17 thoughts on “Coming up on Being Anne in November/December…

  1. Cass

    You have still taken on a quite a lot, Anne, even in what you see as a reduced reading and reviewing list! With the important demands on your personal time, please take care of yourself and don’t overdo things! <3

  2. Jill's Book Cafe

    Your ‘reduced’ schedule would still scare the hell out of me! Do what you can, when you can and put yourself first. Take care and it’s nice to have you back.x

  3. sharon

    Wow, Anne! That’s a lot of work considering you’re supposed to have reduced your list! I’m absolutely thrilled to bits that you’ve included my books in this, but please take care and don’t overdo it. I certainly won’t be offended if you can’t manage them. Big hugs xxx

  4. Author Barbara Copperthwaite

    Put yourself first. If the books get read, and you enjoy it, and lose yourself in them, then that is wonderful. But if it becomes a chore, then don’t do it. If you feel bad about ‘letting people down’ (though I’m convinced NO ONE will feel that you are, that will simply be in your head) then perhaps you could ask on Book Connectors for emergency guest reviewers to step in and help you out? Whatever you do, we’re all sending you and your mum love and support xxx

  5. Louise Marley

    I’m so sorry for your loss. All those books! You do work terribly hard, remember to take some time for yourself x

  6. Wendy Janes

    Anne, that still looks like a jam-packed schedule! While I’m really thrilled you’ve included my book on your reading list, please, please don’t worry if you don’t manage to get round to it.
    Sending my support and hugs through the ether. Take care.

  7. Anne Post author

    Thank you everyone – this new schedule looked realistic to me at around 8-9 books a month, but – should I fail – I’ll see how things go and adjust accordingly. Many thanks for all the support. I’m not a powerhouse or inspiration really – just someone who loves books, and sharing them, and can’t think of any better way of getting back to something more like normal again… xxx

  8. juliehoustonauthor

    Hi Anne
    Just read all this – don’t know how you’re managing to even think about books and writers! Just think about yourself for a while!! Please, PLEASE, don’t feel you HAVE to read and review my latest offering!! Lovely that you’ve mentioned it but you need to support yourself rather than us daft writers!! Do hope you’re still going to be able to manage Dec 10th in Leeds but perfectly understandable if you can’t. Take care, Julie xx

  9. adrienneauthor

    Anne, you are such a wonderful support to ALL your writer friends in whatever way you can and it is hugely appreciated. You love what you do, it’s your passion and it does help to heal, but be kind to kind to yourself too, it’s tough for us girls to lose our lovely dads, however long we’ve had them for. Sending love. xxx

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