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By | May 28, 2020

Delighted today to share my review of Ten Things My Cat Hates About You by Lottie Lucas, published for kindle by One More Chapter on 20th November last year, and in paperback on 6th February 2020. The e-copy I read was one I purchased via Amazon.

I will admit to a little bit of a personal interest in this one – Lottie is a member of the Belmont Belles, the RNA Leicester Chapter, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her (and her lovely mum) when I’ve been along to their meetings. In fact, I think I was there when she first heard her book was to be published by One More Chapter, and I was really looking forward to trying it – I’m just sorry it took me so long.

Not everyone gets nine lives…


So he better be the love of a lifetime!


When Clara’s ginger cat Casper chases yet another romantic prospect out the door she’s ready to give up on love altogether. But then the fussy feline causes two meet cutes in the space of a day and suddenly Clara has two gorgeous men driving her to distraction.


But who is in control of happy ever after? Clara, fate…or the cat who started it all?


This funny, warm-hearted rom com is perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Lindsey Kelk and Mhairi McFarlane.

I will admit that the mention of “meet cute” did make me realise that I might not be quite the reader that the author had in mind – but when the sun was shining outside and I was looking for a lighter read to while the afternoon away, this one fitted the bill quite perfectly. And what a title, eh – I couldn’t resist that one.

Something I particularly enjoyed was Clara’s voice – she’s a bit quirky, definitely a touch scatty, and has a wry humour that I really enjoyed. At times, the wall is broken a little between the character and the reader, and you get that sense that she’s talking to you and commenting on the action – I know that’s not always everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s something I always rather like, rather like her giving you a nudge and inviting you into her world.

The romantic interests were just right – the fun-loving commitment-phobe vet and the rather more complex and serious professor – and the way the story unfolded was an absolute joy. I’m always a bit resistant to saying the outcome was “predictable” – it’s a romantic comedy, for goodness’ sake – but the fun in this one is in how you get there.

Casper – the cat – is just wonderful, creating sheer mayhem at every turn, concentrating on washing his bits while taking no responsibility for his actions. I’ve had a cat (maybe I should say “a cat that owned me”, as they tend to) that became the scourge of the vet’s surgery, and I could certainly empathise with that part. And then there are the creatures he brings into Clara’s pink-painted house, enjoying crunching their skulls – this is a cat seriously out of control. Then there’s the way he runs Clara’s love life – potential suitors risk shredded trousers or a lost finger if he doesn’t think they’re “the one”.

As well as Casper, there was a lot about this book I enjoyed – Clara’s job at the museum and her interactions with the people she works with, her female friendship, her relationship with her brother (and I liked his side-story too), lots of the very funny set pieces (and one emotional moment that had me quite incensed – how could he?!), and the author’s really nice touch with dialogue. I liked the hints of sadness in the background too – the way Casper came into her life, the story of her family.

The whole book was such good fun – with humour ranging from gentle to laugh-out-loud and sometimes edging into slapstick, and I though it worked really well. The emotional bits are nicely done too – nothing heavy, just enough depth to make things interesting. And I really did enjoy the story – a few hours’ very pleasurable reading for me, a story that certainly engaged me and most definitely made me laugh.

About the author

Lottie Lucas lives in the countryside with her auctioneer husband, an effervescent spaniel puppy and diva-ish rescue cat. Sometimes she wonders how she finds enough time for writing, let along anything else, but when she does get a free moment, she loves baking, walking, and getting the chance to read anything which isn’t her own manuscript.

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