Why not lockdown with Lydia? #MeetingLydia #audiobook #serial – starting Monday 30th March @LindaMac1 #ClubLydia

By | March 26, 2020

With apologies, the free serialisation was only available for a limited period and was taken down on Monday 25th May. If you missed it (where were you?!), the audiobook can be purchased here

Challenging times, everyone. I really did expect this to be the perfect time to start catching up with my many reading promises, only to find it incredibly difficult to escape into the world of books as I usually do – so no, I won’t be reviewing the book a day I’d rather expected.

Then author friend Linda MacDonald got in touch with a rather lovely idea – helping her to share a serialised version of the audiobook of her first book, Meeting Lydia. You might just remember how much I enjoyed this book – you’ll find the synopsis and my review here – and although I’ve never really been able to get on with audiobooks (and this might just be the time to give them another try…), I know so many people who very much enjoy them.

Here’s Linda to tell you more…

These are crazy times and we are in almost total lockdown. I’m lucky to have a partner – although I heard on the grapevine that divorce requests in Beijing have soared, so it may not be plain sailing.


We’re trying to follow guidelines of keeping busy with a variety of activities and have jigsaws, board games, and exercise routines of Chi Gong and Line Dancing via YouTube (me) and climbing up and down a ladder and using dumbbells (him). I’m also knitting slippers, writing a diary and hope to proceed with the half-finished novel.


What’s weird is that I’m finding it difficult to fit everything in. Granted, TV and radio updates are necessary and time consuming and there are more friends and relatives to call more often. It also took nearly an hour to decontaminate the supermarket delivery. But how did I manage to fit in life before, especially when I was working?


Suffice to say, I’ve been wondering what I could do to help those in a similar situation and thanks to Anne and her blog, I’m delighted to be able to share a serialised version of the audiobook of Meeting Lydia. It would be great if you want to leave comments either here or via Twitter and I will try to answer any questions on the hashtag #ClubLydia.


Most important of all: Keep Safe!

Thank you Linda! So how will this work? We’ll do it three times a week, starting on Monday 30th March – two chapters at a time, published at 7am on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

With apologies, the chapters won’t be downloadable, but they can be played via the links (an embedded player you only need to click on) in each post. And it’s entirely your choice when you’d like to listen, and whether you’d rather do so as the instalments are released or save them up a little – all the earlier chapters will remain available on Being Anne, and I’ll do some signposting for you.

Massive thanks to Linda for making her book available like this, entirely free of charge – and we’ll see you again on Monday!

6 thoughts on “Why not lockdown with Lydia? #MeetingLydia #audiobook #serial – starting Monday 30th March @LindaMac1 #ClubLydia

  1. Rosie Amber

    I know what you mean about it being hard to settle down and read. That comfortable relaxed feeling has got lost in the current chaos.Sending you blessings.

    1. Anne Post author

      And to you, Rosie. I was SO proud of myself when I managed to finish reading a book today, and really enjoyed it – distancing myself a little from social media worked best for me…

    1. Anne Post author

      Hope you enjoy it Christine! xx

    1. Anne Post author

      Renewed thanks to Linda for making it possible, Jena – and putting the posts together gives my days some shape too… stay safe and well x

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