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By | December 21, 2019

Yes, it’s that time of year again – and, as always, I’ve had the most wonderful time looking back through the year’s posts, remembering the immense pleasure every book has given me. My Goodreads challenge tells me I’ve read 148 books this year, but it’s really a few more than that – and it’s been more difficult than ever this year to select the ones that have meant the most to me (do you have any idea how many times I said a book was a contender for my Books of the Year list?!). I gave 116 of the books I’ve read a thoroughly deserved five stars on both Amazon and Goodreads, and I really did want to include every single one of them.

Last year I had a top 36 – and divided them into two lists of 18, the first list drawn from across the whole range of my reading, the second list my favourite romance reads. It was, I think, a mistake – it created the impression that I might have had a first and second division (although nothing could have been further from the truth), and I’ve ditched the idea this year. At one point, I actually did wonder if I might be able to come up with a shorter list, ten maybe, the very best of the best – but I soon gave up on that idea.

So, instead, it’s a list of 30, drawn from across all genres – but every book I’ve had to slash from my initial shortlist of 42 (and that list was already rather brutal) has quite broken my heart. I did give myself a few basic rules – no novellas (sorry!), no more than one book per author, but I would include Christmas reads (there were so many excellent ones this year), and the original publication date was immaterial if I read it in 2019.

Anyway, here are my final choices, in groups of five – in no particular order (goodness, it was hard enough to come up with 30!), and all links are to my reviews…

The Truths and Triumphs of Grace Atherton by Anstey Harris

The Unlikely Life of Maisie Meadows by Jenni Keer

The Man I Fell in Love With by Kate Field

Penny’s Antique Shop of Memories and Treasures by Helena Fairfax

A Paris Fairy Tale by Marie Laval

Expectation by Anna Hope

The Slaughter Man by Cassandra Parkin

The Photographer of the Lost by Caroline Scott

Finding Verity by Jenny Loudon

Someone Close To Home by Alex Craigie

Reparation by Gaby Koppel

If Only I Could Tell You by Hannah Beckerman

Call Me Star Girl by Louise Beech

The Inheritance by Anne Allen

Secrets of the Mist by Kate Ryder

Settlement by Anne Stormont

The Lonely Hearts Crime Club by Tanya Bullock

59 Memory Lane by Celia Anderson

The Dragon Lady by Louisa Treger

The Path to the Sea by Liz Fenwick

Bonnie and Stan by Anna Stuart

The Glittering Hour by Iona Grey

The Almanack by Martine Bailey

Don’t Think a Single Thought by Diana Cambridge

The Secret to Happiness by Jessica Redland

The Woman in the Photograph by Stephanie Butland

Amazing Grace by Kim Nash

A Summer to Remember by Sue Moorcroft

Christmas at Frozen Falls by Kiley Dunbar

Notting Hill in the Snow by Jules Wake

As always, I’m now agonising about the books I’ve had to leave out… I’ve so enjoyed my reading this year. Life continues to be a bit of a challenge at times, but I’m still managing to produce a few posts a week, and mostly reviews – and I really can’t think of a better escape from life’s realities than into the realms of authors’ imagination. Thank you to all of you who’ve brought me such joy and pleasure this year.

Thank you too to those of you who’ve continued to provide such wonderful support – blogger friends, authors, publishers and readers. All the Twitter shares continue to amaze and delight me, and mean so much to me and to the authors I feature – thank you all so much.

I wish everyone – and those you love – a wonderful Christmas, and a New Year we can hopefully all look forward to. I’ll be back with you in the New Year.

40 thoughts on “Being Anne’s Books of the Year 2019 #bookbloggers #amreading

  1. lindasbookbag

    Of the same ones I’ve read at least four have made it onto my list going out on 31st. It’s terribly hard leaving out the odd one isn’t it? Great choices.

    1. Anne Post author

      It gets more difficult every year, Linda… and I really could cry about some of the wonderful reads I had to leave out!

  2. Marie Laval

    Thank you so much for including my book, Anne! I am also delighted to see fellow ‘Moonshiners’ Helena Fairfax and Kate Field on your list! Thank you.

    1. Anne Post author

      All three books were firmly on the list from the very start, Marie – such lovely reads! xx

  3. Kate Field

    Thanks for including The Man I Fell in Love With, Anne. I’ve read and loved quite a few books on your list, and it’s astonishing to see mine up there with them. Have a lovely Christmas. x

    1. Anne Post author

      Wishing you a lovely Christmas too, Kate – and I’m now looking forward to reading your next! x

  4. writeanne

    Anne, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can’t quite believe that ‘Settlement’ made it onto your list, and to be in such company. Wow! You’ve made me cry – happy tears. And you’ve made my day or rather my year! Thank you. Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year of reading 🙂

    1. Anne Post author

      Wishing you and yours the loveliest Christmas, Anne – and very much looking forward to reading Fulfilment next year xx

  5. jena c. henry

    Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year, Anne! Here’s to all the good books coming in 2020. I enjoy your reviews!

    1. Anne Post author

      Wishing you a lovely Christmas too, Jena! Thank you for your support – and I’m looking forward to another year of books xx

    1. Anne Post author

      I’ve enjoyed so many of the books I’ve read this year, Lizzie – and looking forward to what’s to come next year. Thank you for your friendship and support, and wishing you and Dave a lovely Christmas xx

      1. Lizzie Lamb

        Thank you, Anne. I hope we ‘bump’ into each other very soon. Happy Christmas from Dave and me <3

  6. Kiley Dunbar

    Oh thank you Anne! What a lovely surprise and a big boost today when I’m trying to finish edits on book three! Thank you!! xx

    1. Anne Post author

      I’ll be looking forward to book three, Kiley – and Frozen Falls just had to be part of my list! Wishing you a lovely Christmas xx

  7. yvonnembee

    I have read some of those books and I know a couple have made it onto my lists. I hated having to cut down my books, like you I could have pretty much included all the books I had read this year. Wishing you and your mum a Wonderful Christmas 😘😘

    1. Anne Post author

      Loving your lists of top reads too, Yvonne – all those glorious covers! Wishing you and yours the loveliest Christmas too xx

  8. Carol Warham

    A great list.
    Have a lovely Christmas and best wishes for the coming year. X

    1. Anne Post author

      Thanks Carol – wishing you and yours the loveliest Christmas! xx

  9. Helena Fairfax

    Thanks so much for including Penny’s Antique Shop of Memories and Treasures on your list, Anne. I’ve read several of your highlights – and I mainly bought them because of your reviews – so I’m absolutely thrilled to have Penny’s story feature in such fab company. A very happy Christmas to you, and here’s to happy reading in 2020! xx

    1. Anne Post author

      Never a moment’s doubt about Penny’s inclusion, Helena – I really loved it! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas xx

  10. Jenni Keer

    Beyond thrilled to be included, Anne. Thank you so much. And it was super to meet you and witness your much deserved win at the RNA industry awards. ❤❤❤

    1. Anne Post author

      Have a lovely Christmas, Jenni 😘 xx

  11. Sara Gethin

    Wonderful recommendations there, Anne – my TBR list is forever growing! Have a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2020 xx

    1. Anne Post author

      Thank you Sara – and for all your support! Wishing you and yours the loveliest Christmas xx

  12. Jessica Redland Writer

    What a fabulous list! And I am so honoured and thrilled to be included in your list for ‘The Secret to Happiness’. I can’t thank you enough, Anne. So very grateful xx

    1. Anne Post author

      Looking forward to seeing what you do next Jessica – never any doubt about including The Secret to Happiness in this list. Wishing you and the family a lovely Christmas – your Lapland photos were quite wonderful! xx

  13. Kate Ryder

    Thank you SO much for including ‘Secrets of the Mist’. I’m overwhelmed (as is Kate, as she’s currently going through severe doubts at her ability!) I will tell her to buck up her ideas… When the news is so full of doom and gloom, what a wonderful end to the year. Thank you. xx

    1. Anne Post author

      Su, do tell Kate she’s doing just fine – this was a book I loved, and it totally deserved its inclusion. Have a lovely Christmas, and I hope 2020 will be your year xx

  14. Wendy Janes

    This list has reminded me of books I’ve really enjoyed reading this year (many of which I found via your blog), and quite a few that I’ve yet to read. Thank you for your excellent reviews, Anne. Hope you have a good Christmas and a happy and healthy 2020.

    1. Anne Post author

      Thank you so much for all your support Wendy – and wishing you a lovely Christmas xx

  15. Glenda

    Great choices. We have a few in common. Wishing you a Merry Christmas from Arizona.

    1. Anne Post author

      I hope you’ve enjoyed your reading year as much as I have, Glenda – and a Merry Christmas to you and yours from Yorkshire x

  16. Martine Bailey

    So very cheering to see The Almanack on this list. You do an amazing job to help us authors find new readers. Wishing you a peaceful and very happy Christmas. xxx

    1. Anne Post author

      Thank you Martine – and it was an absolute pleasure. Wishing you a lovely Christmas xx

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