My RNA Media Star moment – a final few words…

By | November 24, 2019

I doubt there are any readers of Being Anne who are now unaware of the fact that I was so very delighted to win the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s Media Star of the Year award at last week’s winter party. Those who were there on the night were certainly left in no doubt (although my “speech” is rather a blur!) – and my sheer joy meant that it was a piece of news that you would have struggled to miss on Twitter or Facebook.

I had really planned to write a longer post – all about the RNA itself, the many lovely people I spoke with on the night, the old friends and the newer ones, the many wonderful authors (my heroes!) that I met for the first time, the party (what a magnificent feat of organisation!) and the magical moment itself. And then I decided it would be quite impossible – and I think you really might have all heard more than enough from me by now.

So instead, I’ll just take the opportunity to say a massive and heartfelt… THANK YOU!

And that’s to those who nominated me and voted, to the RNA themselves, to the many people who congratulated me so warmly on the night, and to the even greater numbers who offered their congratulations via social media (with apologies that I just couldn’t acknowledge or respond to everyone personally – I really wanted to!). Thank you too to the blogger community who unfailingly provide such tremendous support and friendship. And, as I said on the night, perhaps the biggest thank you is to all those of you who write the books that delight me daily and that have provided me with so many years of unadulterated reading pleasure.

I really mustn’t finish without mentioning the other industry award winners and nominees – with many congratulations to everyone. But I would like to particularly mention the other lovely people also shortlisted in the Media Star category, every one of whom would have been a worthy winner.

A particular mention to Rachel – as a friend, and someone whose energy, passion and total commitment to the world of books is never anything but wholly exceptional. Her personal support has been quite wonderful, and I was really moved by the generosity of her congratulations while watching me walk away with a title and trophy that she more than deserved.

If you haven’t read her excellent reviews of the books she loves every bit as much as I do, you’ll find them at Rachel’s Random Reads: I also review regularly for her highly efficient business, Rachel’s Random Resources, and recommend it without reservation to authors and publishers alike. But I’d also like to highly recommend the other two shortlistees – Caroline O’Donoghue and her excellent podcastΒ Sentimental Garbage, and the lovely ladies of #UKRomChat. I really hope to be at next year’s party (try and keep me away!) in the hope that I can see one of you taking your place on that podium.

In case anyone was worried, the lovely (and very heavy!) trophy did make it home safely – I now just need to decide where to display it. And I’ll also share the fact that my mum – who, just for once, before I showed her the trophy and photos, remembered both my name and where I was for the couple of days I was absent – was so very proud of her daughter…

My thanks to Linda Hill, Annette Hannah and Jessica Redland for the photos (the blurred one of the screen display is all mine).

48 thoughts on “My RNA Media Star moment – a final few words…

    1. Anne Post author

      The feeling’s mutual Jenni – we’ll make it for longer next time! x

    2. Caroline James

      Warmest congratulations Anne, you so thoroughly deserve this award. On a personal note, you have always been so supportive to me, right from the start of my writing journey and I am indebted you to. Well done xx

      1. Anne Post author

        Thank you Caroline! Looking forward to your next – no pressure… xx

    1. Anne Post author

      Thank you Linda – and hope you don’t mind seeing your photo of me everywhere! Think I’ve done now… x

  1. Karen

    Congratulations again Anne, your win was so well deserved xx

  2. Lizzie Lamb

    So thrilled for you Anne – on a personal and professional level. Congratulations- you are one of the best.

    1. Anne Post author

      Thanks for your support Jena – and I still haven’t decided where to put the trophy! x

    1. Anne Post author

      Thank you so much Rosie – and for your unfailing support! x

  3. Helena Fairfax

    Many congratulations again, Anne, on getting your award. Your lovely post today shows again how well-deserved it is.

  4. jessiecahalin

    I am thrilled for you! You have earned the accolades with your dedication to reading and kindness. I love the fact that your happiness sparkles throughout this post. You are special. And it’s a kinda magic that your mum acknowledged your triumph. We all adore you Anne – you are one in a million.

    1. Anne Post author

      Jessie, that’s such a lovely comment – so grateful for your love and support xx

  5. lizharriswriter

    Huge congratulations, Anne! You well deserve the award. For years now, you’ve been a true friend to authors, and we appreciate it. (((hugs))) xx

    1. Anne Post author

      Thank you Liz – and it was so very lovely to meet you! xx

    1. Anne Post author

      It was so lovely to see you there, Jessica – and thank you xx

  6. trishthetrout

    You deserved it! I’m afraid the last lines about your mother made me quite tearful – how wonderful that she recognised both you and the significance of the award. xx

    1. Anne Post author

      Sorry about the emotional moment, but I’m so pleased she understood how much this meant to me – even if she’d forget very quickly. She’s asked for a copy of one of the photos, so she’ll remember. And now that’s set me off again…! Thank you for all your support, Trish xx

  7. Isabella

    Huge congratulations, Anne. So well deserved!

  8. LinnBHalton

    I was so glad to be there on your winning night, Anne and also (finally) meet you in person! Your smile lit up the room and deservedly so, lovely lady! xx

    1. Anne Post author

      Meeting you was just one of so many special moments, Linn – thank you! xx

  9. Hayley at RatherTooFondofBooks

    Huge congratulations, Anne! So well deserved! And I’m so pleased that your mum was able to share in the news for those moments, that must have been wonderful and emotional for you. xx

    1. Anne Post author

      Thank you, Hayley – moments like that with mum are increasingly rare these days, and incredibly precious xx

    1. Anne Post author

      Thank you Lynne – and it was so lovely to meet you! x

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