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By | October 23, 2019

It’s a pleasure to be joining the blog tour today for The Memories We Hide by Jodi Gibson, published on 6th August and available for kindle and in paperback. My thanks to Kelly at #LoveBooksTours for the invitation and support. October’s been a particularly busy month (you might just have noticed!) and I’m really sorry I couldn’t fit in a review of this one – it really does look like a book I’d enjoy.

Can you trust your memories? Laura Murphy thought she could, but that was before she returned home.

When 27-year-old Laura returns to her home town ten years after the tragic death of her then-boyfriend, Ryan Taylor, she isn’t prepared for the nostalgia and memories that resurface. After discovering a newspaper clipping alluding to the fact that there may have been more to Ryan’s death than first thought, Laura is compelled find out what happened that fateful night.

Reconnecting with childhood friend Tom Gordon, she begins to unravel the blurred lines of truth and memory. But Tom holds a secret of his own. Not only is he facing losing his family farm, but what he knows could destroy any chance of a future with Laura.

Will Laura have the strength to confront her memories? Or will Tom’s secret be the key to unlocking the truth?

Dealing with the complexities of friendships, love, depression and the consequences of secrets and split-second decisions, The Memories We Hide is a compelling story exploring how memories can’t always be trusted but how they can set you free.

See what I mean? So no review, but I’m delighted to welcome Jodi as my guest today, telling us about her favourite character – Stella…

The thing I love writing small town fiction, is the vast array of characters that come with it. When I wrote the first couple of drafts for The Memories We Hide, the character of Stella didn’t even exist. But I knew something was missing – or more importantly, someone.

As much as I loved my main characters, Laura who is struggling to find her place in life and reconcile her memories of past events, Tom who holds a dark secret that could ruin his chance of finding love, and troubled Ryan, I knew the story longed for that one character who could hold everything together. That’s when Stella popped into my head.

Stella was absolutely my favourite character to write. In her early forties, she’s one of those characters who seems wise beyond their years. Like a fabulous Aunt and loving Grandma rolled into one.

Stella firmly believes that everything can be fixed with some baked goods (particularly her fudgy chocolate brownies) and of course, a cup of tea. She’s the one who seems to have baked something in preparation for visitors even when they are unannounced, and her house always smells like the best bakery in town. Stella is always ready with open arms to invite anyone in, and her hugs are like being wrapped in a blanket straight from the clothes dryer.

Always one to take control of a situation, Stella is the first to volunteer and thinks nothing of lending a helping hand. While her advice is always on song, she is also wise enough to know when someone needs a little push to figure it out for themselves but she’s there in a heartbeat when needed.

Despite her happy-go-lucky attitude to life, Stella isn’t immune to problems. Like most parents she feels out of touch with her teenage daughter Gemma, constantly feeling like their relationship is slipping through her hands like sand. Stella comes to realise that she can’t always fix everything, which is most frustrating for her, especially when it comes to her own daughter.

In a way, I like the think of Stella – even though her role is only small – as the heart of the novel. The character that is dependable, reliable and always there with open arms. I think everyone needs a Stella in their life, especially one who bakes moreish chocolate brownies like she does!

Yes, Jodi – I think I’d rather like Stella too! Thank you for joining me, and I wish you every success with your lovely book, and whatever you do next.

About the author

Jodi Gibson is an Australian women’s fiction author of both contemporary dramas, and light-hearted romantic comedy. She lives on a mini-farm with her husband, daughters, two golden retrievers, one horse, eight chickens and a cat who rules over them all.

Jodi has been making up stories in one way or another since she was young. However, it wasn’t until recent years and after wearing many career hats, that the desire to get the stories out of her head and onto the page, won her over. In 2019, she realised her dream releasing her debut contemporary drama novel, The Memories We Hide.

When she’s not writing, you’ll find Jodi with her nose in a book, or in the kitchen baking and dreaming of her next travelling adventure.

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