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By | September 23, 2019

It’s time, I think, to start looking forward to my next short break – I’m visiting Pembrokeshire for a few days (yes, my Airbnb is booked, and final directions received today – a converted cowshed in Narberth, and it looks rather lovely!), with the highlight of my trip being the opportunity to spend time at the Narberth Book Fair on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th September.

You might remember I attended last year, and had the most wonderful time, catching up with authors whose books I’d already loved, discovering many others I wanted to try, and attending some of the talks. Last year’s event was so very successful that the one day has now become two, and I’m very much looking forward to visiting the Queen’s Hall in Narberth again, a quite perfect venue.

You can find more details on all 46 authors attending on the book fair’s excellent website, as well as more about the writers’ workshops planned for both days (I’ve put my name down for three of them!). So many of the authors attending have previously been featured on Being Anne, so – as I did last year – I’d like to take the opportunity to share links to some of those earlier features.

With apologies to all, life rather conspired to make it impossible for me to try many new-to-me authors as the event approached, but tomorrow I will be sharing a review of the excellent Someone Close to Home by Alex Craigie (who shared a table last year with lovely Jessie Cahalin: Jessie sadly won’t be with us this year, but I’ll have the pleasure of seeing Alex again, attending on both days).

The images below all link to the authors’ Amazon pages…

Judith Barrow

Review of A Hundred Tiny Threads

When I emerged at the end of this book – during the reading, my immersion was total – it was with a sense of having experienced it all first hand, and of having deeply felt every moment. This was story-telling at its very best… and a book that will long linger in my memory. (From my review of A Hundred Tiny Threads)

Spotlight – Living In The Shadows


Juliet Greenwood

Review of We That Are Left

Review of The White Camellia

This was one of those rare books where everything comes together to make it a perfect read… Beautiful writing, wonderful storytelling, and onto my Books of the Year list without a moment’s hesitation. (From my review of The White Camellia)


Liz Hinds

Guest post on The Dog-walking Club

Review of The Dog-walking Club

One of those wonderful ensemble pieces that I always so much enjoy – a diverse group of people brought together by their common interest, their individual lives and stories, a testament to the power of friendship, and it really warms the cockles of your heart…the whole reading experience was like spending time with friends. (From my review of The Dog-walking Club)


Lizzie Lamb

Special feature – Celtic Roots (guest post)

Review of Girl in the Castle

Review of Take Me, I’m Yours

A strong and believable love story…real people, real feelings, beautifully handled. Anyone who’s enjoyed Lizzie Lamb’s other books will love this one as much as I did – and if you’ve never read one of her books before, I’d so recommend you give this one a try. (From my review of Take Me, I’m Yours)

Guest post on Take Me, I’m Yours – Holding out for a hero


Alison Layland

Review of Someone Else’s Conflict, with author interview

Review of Riverflow

A compelling story, contemporary and relevant with its strong environmental messages, combining mystery and long-hidden family secrets with elements of a psychological thriller – I thoroughly enjoyed this one.  (Endorsement for Riverflow on the Honno website)


Carol Lovekin

(Photograph of Carol by Janey Stevens – who I’m also looking forward very much to seeing again)

Review of Ghostbird, with author interview

Review of Snow Sisters

The imagery, the descriptions, the detail drawn from nature – they are just breath-taking in their beauty … the ghost is as real to the reader as she is to the girls, her anguish palpable and heart-breaking … Sublime writing… (from my review of Snow Sisters).

(And I really must share the beautiful cover of Carol’s forthcoming book, Wild Spinning Girls – published on 20th February 2020, it’s now available for preorder.)


Alex Martin

Review of The Rose Trail

This was an absolutely cracking story, that I raced through in a couple of sittings, and thoroughly enjoyed. There’s enough historical depth to satisfy the most ardent fan of the finer detail, but not too much to put off the reader who might prefer the sleuthing and supernatural touches… I really loved this book… (From my review of The Rose Trail)


Thorne Moore

Review of The Unravelling

Guest post on Shadows – slightly spooky?

Review of Shadows

This was one of those stories with a bit of everything – strong and sympathetic characters, well drawn and sometimes complex emotions and relationships, real shocks and surprises, a real edge of darkness and evil, a wonderful sense of place with superb descriptions, a touch of romance, a cracking story. (From my review of Shadows)

Extract from Shadows

Review of Long Shadows


Jan Newton

Guest post on Remember No More

Reviews of Remember No More and Rather To Be Pitied

As always with the best of crime fiction, you’re sometimes convinced that you’ve cracked it way before the team – but then something unexpected comes in from left field, you’re thrown off course again, and you have absolutely no idea where it’s all going. I highly recommend this one… I might not read (much) crime fiction, but if it was all like this I might do so more often… (From my review of Rather To Be Pitied)

Review of Long Shadows


Cheryl Rees- Price

Review of The Silent Quarry

I found it totally gripping – the writing’s excellent, the tension building steadily, and the whole perfectly paced. The descriptions are excellent too, particularly of the quarry itself, the hills above and its approaches. I really enjoyed this one – and when I need my next crime fix, I’d be more than happy to read another book in this series. (From my review of The Silent Quarry)

I do hope I haven’t missed anyone – and I’ll see you all at the weekend…!

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    1. Anne Post author

      I so enjoyed it last year, Linda – what a fantastic turn-out, eh?!

  1. Sara Gethin

    How wonderful that Narberth Book Fair has tempted you back for a second year running, Anne – that barn conversion sounds lovely! I’m sorry I won’t get to meet up with you again this year as I’m in Ireland celebrating my birthday with family, so not able to take part in the book fair. Have a great weekend and I hope the sun will be shining in Pembrokeshire! x

    1. Anne Post author

      So sorry to see you won’t be there, Sara – enjoy your time in Ireland, and there’s always next year! x

  2. adrienneauthor

    So wish I was going to Narbeth, Anne. So many smashing writer chums, like yourself and Lizzie Lamb heading there. Maybe next year, I’ll keep fingers crossed and you have a great time. Will do you a power of good! XXX

    1. Anne Post author

      It’s such a lovely friendly event, Adrienne – hope you can make it next year! x

    1. Anne Post author

      I wish you could too, Jena – I’ll be sure to take plenty of photos… x

  3. jessiecahalin

    It was lovely to meet you at this event last year. Have a great time, Anne! xxx

    1. Anne Post author

      I’ll do my best! But such a shame you won’t be there with us this year… xxx

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