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By | April 22, 2019

Every blogger will know that one of the biggest joys of being part of this bookish world is the people you get to know. I discovered Books in my Handbag and the lovely Jessie Cahalin fairly early in her site’s journey – you’ll find a quote from me on the “About” page, paying tribute to its immense originality and telling Jessie how much I love it. I met Pearl from Jessie’s first book, You Can’t Go It Alone, in July last year (you’ll find that article here), and then added a review in August (here): I then had the immense pleasure of meeting her at Narberth Book Fair, and it’s now a delight to call her a friend.

And now she’s interviewed me for Books in my Handbag, and I’m totally blown away – thank you so much Jessie. And while you’re looking at the interview (just click on the link below), do take the opportunity to have a look around – the whole site is just wonderful.

Anne Williams is a shining light in the bookish community and is a best friend to authors, bloggers and readers. Her kind and generous spirit is remarkable, and it is no wonder she has won many awards. I was intrigued to know more about Anne and what inspired her love…

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10 thoughts on “Reblog: Spotlight on the lovely Anne Williams via Jessie Cahalin @BooksInHandbag

    1. Anne Post author

      Isn’t it just? And so very lovely of Jessie…

  1. yvonnembee

    Such a wonderful interview, I loved getting to know a little bit more about you Anne xx

    1. Anne Post author

      Thank you Yvonne – I very much enjoyed this interview, and Jessie has presented it so beautifully… xx

  2. Angela Petch

    Two special ladies together. Wow! You are so lucky to have met Jessie in the flesh! I hope to do so this summer! Both of you are very important to me. Jessie “happened” when I had just published my second Tuscan novel as an indie author and I plucked up courage to respond to her interesting handbag icon. She reviewed my book (which I was very wobbly about) and it made me cry with joy. She had got what I was trying to say and that made it all right for me. It didn’t matter if she was the only one.
    And Annie, you wrote me the most wonderfully encouraging review for “Mavis and Dot”. So, I raise my Easter Monday glass to both of you and thank heavens for #bloggers. xx
    Now, to meet Anne too!

    1. Anne Post author

      Isn’t this just wonderful, Angela? Jessie’s very special, and she’s really done me proud. We’ll raise a glass in return, and hope we’ll both get to meet you soon xx

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