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By | November 30, 2017

End of November? Honestly? Where on earth did last month go? It seems like only yesterday that I was sharing my hope of making some inroads into my growing pile of “must read” books. I certainly haven’t done all I wanted to, but I think I might have to give up on the excuses and stop apologising! Last month was my busiest in quite a long time (and I loved every moment!), but I am going to ease off a little to make December my “catching up” month. It doesn’t mean the blog will necessarily be quieter – just that I’d like to do a bit more reading and a lot more unscheduled reviews.

So what’s in the diary so far?

On Friday 1st December it’ll be a real pleasure to welcome Jessica Redland as my guest – a lovely interview, and I’ll be sharing my review of Charlee and the Chocolate Shop. (I’ll let you into a secret – I really enjoyed this one!)

Also on Friday 1st December, I’m thrilled to welcome Katey Lovell back to Being Anne. I really loved Katey’s “shorts”, but Joe and Clara’s Christmas Countdown is amazingly her third full-length novel, and I still haven’t managed to fit in a review! But I do have a lovely guest post from Katey on dreamy December dates.

On Saturday 2nd December, I’m be welcoming Elizabeth Jane Corbett as my guest. Her new book, The Tides Between, is one I’m rather excited about and looking forward to reading, and I have a wonderful guest post from Elizabeth all about her Welsh connections.

And it’s rather a lovely run of excellent guest posts, because on Sunday 3rd December I’m really pleased to be welcoming Lulu Allison – Twice the Speed of Dark is another book I’m really looking forward to reading.

Then there’s a little run of blog tours! On Monday 4th December I’ll be reviewing A Little Christmas Faith by Kathryn Freeman for a blog tour organised by Rachel’s Random Resources. I always love Kate’s books, and I’m dying to read this one.

Another Christmassy review on Tuesday 5th December – it’ll be the first time I’ve read and reviewed a book by Erin Green (although we’ve met at many parties!) and I’m rather looking forward to A Christmas Wish. This will be a tour organised by Brook Cottage Books.

On that day I’ll also be joining the blog tour with Rachel’s Random Resources for Just One Time, the first novel by KS Hunter, an international best selling author whose identity will remain a secret. Exciting eh?

Wednesday 6th December? Two blog tours for Brook Cottage Books that day! I’ll be featuring What Happens at Christmas by Evonne Warham…

… and taking a closer look at The Saturday Letters by Jill Treseder.

Thursday 7th December, and I’ll be joining the blog tour for Ours is the Winter by Laurie Ellingham. I really enjoyed Laurie’s last book, One Endless Summer (review here), and I’m really looking forward to reviewing this one too. This tour is organised by Neverland Blog Tours.

Friday December 8th? I’m looking forward to introducing you to author Sarah Dahl – a lovely interview to coincide with the publication of Bonds, the fourth of her Tales of Freya.

Also on 8th December, I’ll be joining the blog tour for Blackmail, Sex and Lies by Kathryn McMaster, sharing a great extract…

Then, things start to quieten down a little – a couple of blog tour promotions, for The Season of Love by MW Arnold on Sunday 10th December

…and for Penhaligon’s Pride by Terri Nixon on Tuesday 12th December.

On Wednesday 13th December, I’ll be joining the blog blitz for House of Christmas Secrets by Lynda Stacey – I’m really hoping to be able to feature a review…

…and on Saturday 16th December I’ll be sharing a guest post from Allie Cresswell as part of the blog tour for Tall Chimneys.

And on Monday 18th December it’ll be my absolute pleasure to share my review of The Girl I Used to Know, the new book from the wonderful Faith Hogan, as part of her blog tour.

And that’s it! It might not look like it, but there’s plenty of reading time between those posts, and I plan to make full use of it – I’ll be reading and reviewing as many books as I can that have been languishing on my “promises” list for far longer than I ever intended. Oh, and I’ll also be publishing my Books of the Year list, on Friday 22nd December – and with 84 five-star reviews (so far!) this year, it’s already giving me sleepless nights!

Happy reading, everyone!

10 thoughts on “Being Anne: Coming up in December… #amreading #bookbloggers

  1. jessiecahalin

    An incredible amount of dedication to books!

    1. Anne Post author

      it’s just FUN, Jessie – doing what I love…

  2. The Cozy Pages

    Anne, you are getting me into the Christmas mood with your posts this week. These Christmas covers are divine. Just took a peek at Charlee and the Chocolate Shop. Looking forward to your review. Is it only available on Amazon UK for now?

  3. whatcathyreadnext

    I hardly dare look ahead a week when it comes to my blog, let alone a month so hats off to you. I’ve a self-imposed ban on blog tours in December to give me an opportunity to catch up on review copies and I already feel more in control. Enjoy your Christmas reading time.

    1. Anne Post author

      You’re doing what I really intended doing, Cathy – not too many blog tour reviews this month though, so hoping I can catch up a little!

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