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By | November 22, 2017

It’s always such a pleasure to welcome Jan Ruth as my guest on Being Anne – but then it’s also always an immense pleasure to read her books. You might remember my review last year of her wonderful Wild Water series – and Silver Rain was also an absolute joy (review and interview here). Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my review of her new novella, Away for Christmas. And having thoroughly enjoyed that one, I then went on to read her 2014 yuletide offering, Home for Christmas, a trio of long short stories with a festive theme and some rather unusual twists.

Anyway, that’s tomorrow – today let’s take a closer look at the new one, Away for Christmas:

Jonathan Jones has written a novel. Losing his job a few days before Christmas means the pressure is on for his book to become a bestseller, but when his partner drops her own bombshell, the festive holiday looks set to be a disaster.

When he’s bequeathed a failing bookshop in their seaside town, it seems that some of his prayers have been answered, but his publishing company turn out to be not what they seem, and when his ex-wife suddenly declares her romantic intent, another Christmas looks set to be complicated.

Is everything lost, or can the true meaning of words, a dog called Frodo, and the sheer magic of Christmas be enough to save Jonathan’s book, and his skin?

Until I share my own review, I also really wanted to include this perfect quote from Bookmuse:

If you’re a writer you will laugh, despair and sympathise with Jonathan Jones, and the trials and tribulations he faces as he battles to become a published author. And if you’re a reader, you’ll be captivated by the excellent story-telling that weaves Jonathan’s complicated life into a page turning drama. A real feel good novella, perfect to curl up with on a stormy winter’s afternoon…

Wish I’d written that one! Here’s author Jan Ruth to tell us more…

Away for Christmas is about the joy and pain of publishing books, the joy and pain of fractured relationships, and of course, the joy and pain of Christmas itself. The festive period is not always fun for everyone, but most of all, this is a story about staying true to oneself and looking for the real Christmas spirit beyond the baubles and the glitter.

The story is set over three Christmastimes, and because I feel sure you’ll be looking for a few hours of warm and cosy escapism at this time of the year, I can assure you that there’s a happy ending by the time Jonathan makes it to 2017.

Regular readers will know that my characters tend not to be in the first flush of youth, and that the joy and pain of relationships are often par for the course. Christmas is very much a family time and can unearth a multitude of unwelcome emotions and in the case of my character, present plenty of troublesome hurdles before the festivities can be enjoyed. His ex-wife doesn’t always make life easy, but Jonathan is determined to be a better dad, against all the odds.

And finally, the joy and pain of publishing books! There are many great publishers out there, ones who achieve results, look after their authors and understand the industry from the ground up. This story isn’t based on them.

It’s no secret that I’ve been round the houses and back again with regard to writing and publishing. Thirty years ago I used to believe that a good book would always be snapped up by a publisher regardless of genre, style, and content. In the real, commercial world, this just isn’t true. I see on a regular basis, writers excited by offers from vanity publishers, or those who operate under the guise of assisted publishing, not realising the implications until it’s perhaps too late. Even contracts from those real publishers with seemingly no pitfalls or upfront costs, can dissolve into a horribly disappointing experience. Of course, my poor character thinks he’s landed lucky when a small publisher offers him a three-book deal. What could go wrong? If you’ve ever dreamed of writing a book or maybe you’ve just typed THE END to your manuscript, you might think twice about your next step…


And a Happy Christmas to you Jan – back tomorrow with those reviews…!

About the author

Jan Ruth writes contemporary fiction about the darker side of the family dynamic with a generous helping of humour, horses and dogs. Her books blend the serenities of rural life with the headaches of city business, exploring the endless complexities of relationships.

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4 thoughts on “#Author #Feature Part 1: Away for Christmas by @JanRuthAuthor #guestpost #WWWBlogs

  1. lindasbookbag

    I truly felt all authors should read this one and that it was more about people than Christmas! Happy Christmas to you two ladies too!

    1. Jan Ruth

      Thank you Linda! Yes, I’m a character writer above all else, so for me, people ARE Christmas. I always like to look past the glitter and bypass any cliche, or sentiment. Having said that, there’s a feel-good ending – very important for a Christmas novella!
      Best wishes to you too.

  2. Jan Ruth

    Thanks for featuring me, Anne. You always go the extra mile to accommodate us authors, and always a pleasure to work with.

    1. Anne Post author

      Ah Jan, you know it’s always MY pleasure – reviews tomorrow!

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