A quick personal update… with a few apologies, and a lovely bit of award news

By | June 14, 2017

Apologies for the break in transmission. Many of you may have noticed that Being Anne’s strapline is “books, travel, and other things that make life interesting”, but over the last few weeks I’d have preferred a rather less interesting life. It all started with the travel. To celebrate life finally settling down, my 91-year-old mum and I set off on a cruise on P&O’s Oriana. It started ok, a few quiet sea days, good food, fine wine, several books read in the Crows’ Nest – then a lovely day on Sao Miguel in the Azores, a beautiful location…

The next day – on Terceira Island – it was chucking it down with rain. When the coach dropped us in Angra for an hour, mum looked totally exhausted and could hardly walk. Back on the boat things got worse – she was gasping for breath with hardly any exertion, and when I took her to the on-board doctor they kept her in the medical centre and decided she should go to hospital ASAP. They thought pneumonia, and fixed everything with our insurers for us to leave the ship at Madeira and for her to go to a private hospital for tests. Not pneumonia they said, maybe her heart – but a CT scan revealed it to be a pulmonary embolism, a clot on the lung, that could be treated by injections of anti-coagulants and a continuing tablet regime. I moved from hotel to apartment to hotel, spending my days at her bedside watching her get slowly better (and read a few more books…) – and must admit that there are far worse places to be marooned than beautiful Funchal.

Thank goodness, the insurance company agreed to pay the hospital fees direct, and have agreed to repay all other expenses too – although I’m sure there’ll be a mass of paperwork to complete. With mum finally deemed fit to fly after almost a fortnight in hospital – with oxygen and a nurse in support (who flew out from the UK to accompany us) – we finally made it home on Friday night, via Manchester and a private ambulance. I’d rather hoped she’d be admitted to hospital for a care package to be put in place before her return home, but everyone agreed that she’d be better off in her own bed. Which left me with a bit of a problem – mum two miles away, unable to do anything for herself, my car (and all our luggage) still at Southampton, and major renovations still in progress on my bedrooms and bathroom (I’m sleeping on a mattress in the lounge) so no chance of bringing her home with me.

But we’ve coped – I’ve hired a car until I can fly down to Southampton and pick up my own (with luggage inside, they assure me) next Tuesday, Mum finally saw a doctor here yesterday, her medication has been sorted out along with a haematologist referral, and I’m visiting her three or four times a day to help with showers, sort out her many tablets (mum can get very confused), cook her meals, and to generally keep her company. If it proves to be long term, we’ll look at a care package – but for now, we’re managing ok.

That long story – already familiar to many of you, and thank you so much for all the messages and good wishes that kept me going through such a stressful time – is by way of an apology. I’ve read quite a lot of books during my absence – and reviews will follow as soon as I’m able to get my brain back in gear, and find some computer time. I’ve unfortunately had to cancel a few promised posts – all will be rearranged in time – and sadly also had to miss my slots on a couple of blog tours (Laura Wilkinson and Anne Goodwin, my renewed apologies – reviews will follow soon). I’m hoping to return to blogging from the weekend, but might be just a little less full-on, and definitely not every day, until things settle down again a little.

And then, the day after we returned, the most wonderful thing happened. With everything else that had been going on, I’d totally forgotten that it was the day of the awards at the Annual Bloggers’ Bash. For the second year in succession, I won the Best Pal Blogger Award… and I’ll admit I cried a little.

Many, many thanks to everyone for taking the time and making the effort to vote  – after such a difficult year, this award meant the world to me. There will be an official badge for the blog – I’ll be displaying it with immense pride when I receive it. And I must congratulate all my blogging friends too. Whether nominated, runner-up, second placed, winners, or totally unheralded, you’re all stars to me… and I’ll be back sharing your tweets and posts as soon as I’m able!

30 thoughts on “A quick personal update… with a few apologies, and a lovely bit of award news

  1. noveldeelights

    Oh goodness, I can’t even begin to imagine the stress you’ve been under. I hope things settle down soon and I’ll be thinking of you and your mom. Fierce hugs, Anne.

  2. suemoorcroft

    I take my hat off to you, Anne. You’ve coped with so much in the last couple of years. I know how hard it is to be that kind of support act but your mum must be a pretty wonderful person to have such a wonderful daughter. Hugs to you both. x

  3. The Quiet Knitter

    Oh Anne, what an eventful holiday! So pleased your mum is doing well now, I can’t begin to imagine how crazy & scary it must have been for you both. Thank goodness your insurance people dealt with things so efficiently!

    Also congratulations again on the Best Pal award, so truly deserved my lovely. Was so excited when I watched the video & heard your name ?

    Take care xxxx

  4. Mairead Hearne

    Anne, you are an amazing person to have handled it all so well. I can only imagine the stress you were under at all times. I’m so glad your Mum is doing better now. Massive congrats on your well deserved award. I hope you get the peace and relaxation you have earned. Lots of love. M xx

  5. Sara Gethin

    Congratulations on your award, Anne, and well deserved.

    What a time you’ve had! I hope all goes well for your mum now. I’m very fortunate that both my parents are fighting fit. Although well into their 80s, they’ve got more stamina than me! It doesn’t take much for everything to change though, and reading your blog made me realise how much I take their health for granted.

    Hope everything settles down for you soon. All the best,


  6. celiascosmos

    Dear Anne, I am so sorry to hear about the tough time you are having, especially when you were so looking forward to a lovely holiday with your Mum. It must be really hard at the moment and I am so glad you have so many friends giving you moral support and brilliant that you were awarded the best pal award. Greatly deserved … you are a best pal to your mother and to so many others! Celia xx

  7. damppebbles

    Much love Anne. What a strong lady you are, I think I would have crumbled at the first hurdle. And hearty congratulations on your award, so well deserved ❤❤❤❤

  8. jolambertwriter

    Glad you and Mum are now safely back in the UK. What an experience you’ve both been through and what a tough lady you are to have coped with it all! Congratulations on the award – so well deserved and a lovely surprise after all the stress you’ve experienced. xxx

  9. Kathryn Freeman

    What a tough time you’ve had – so sorry to hear it. With a bit of luck the award is a sign that the worse is over and life is going to pick up. Congratulations on winning it – very richly deserved xx

  10. crimebookjunkie40

    Wow! So glad everything is resolving itself and your mum is on the mend. Big hugs and massive congrats for the most well deserved award! xx

  11. Kate Braithwaite

    Amazing what you have coped with. I’m sure it was extremely stressful but you are doing a wonderful job caring for your mum xx. You have been her best pal too! Love Kate x

  12. Helena Fairfax

    Congratulations on your award, Anne! I’m so glad you had some good news to come home to.
    I’m very sorry indeed to hear about your mum. What an incredibly stressful time. I do hope you manage to get your house sorted – and your car back – soon. Wishing you all the best xxxx

  13. Ali - The Dragon Slayer

    Just sending hugs & admiration, you have done your mum proud. So pleased to hear she is on the mend. Good luck with the building works, retrieving your car/luggage and of course the well deserved (again) award xx

  14. chataboutbooks

    Aww, lots of love to you and your Mum, Anne. Take good care of yourselves and each other. Congratulations on your award. Very well deserved! (Don’t tell the others, but I voted for you!) ? xx

  15. Cathy

    Goodness, Anne, so sorry you both had such a traumatic holiday. Glad you’re back safely and many congratulations on the award xx

  16. Jessica Norrie

    A thoroughly deserved award Anne, and as you say a flicker of light among all your troubles. Wishing your mum speedy recovery and your renovations a successful outcome very soon!

  17. Janet MacLeod Trotter

    Oh Anne, what a tough time for you and your poor Mum. She was so lucky to have you there with her and I’m sure that will have aided her recovery. Wonderful about the award – many congratulations! x

  18. Wendy Janes

    So sorry to hear about the difficult time you and your mum have been through. What a relief you’re both back in the country safe and sound. Hope things settle down really soon. Many congratulations on the award.

  19. Anne Post author

    Thank you everyone for the lovely comments on this post – too many for me to reply to individually, but every one so appreciated. Mum’s improving daily, and life will – I’m sure – get rather easier… xx

  20. LinnBHalton

    Just hang in there, Anne and hope your mum is soon feeling a lot better. congrats on the award, so well deserved! x

    1. Anne Post author

      And thank you again for your Twitter campaign on my behalf, Linn – I SO appreciated it! xx

  21. CPhilippou123

    Look after yourself, lovely, and your family. We’ll be here whatever! Sending strength your way (complete with hugs) 🙂

  22. Annecdotist

    Missed this earlier but glad to know you’re both back in the UK – and you might even have your luggage by now. Mega congratulations on the Bloggers Bash award which is certainly well deserved – and sounds like it came just at the right moment.

    1. Anne Post author

      Delighted to report I’m now reunited with both luggage and car, Anne, and thanks for the congratulations. I’m sorry, I’m still struggling to find blogging time but I do hope to get some reviews written over the weekend! Thank you for your patience and understanding xx

  23. jeanne229

    had not popped in on this blog before but so glad to hear some personal news. You are “blessed” to have your mother (mine died when I was 19) and she is fortunate to have you. What an ordeal…but perhaps a gift too, to be able to show your mother the same love and care that she bestowed on you. And congratulations on the award. You do know what an inspiration you are, right?

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