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By | April 28, 2017

Well, it’s nearly the end of April – and it’s a month I’ve so enjoyed on Being Anne. Many thanks to all my author guests who’ve given their time so generously to create the wonderful guest posts and interviews that I’ve so enjoyed hosting, and to everyone who has shared them in the kind of volumes that have made it impossible to keep up with saying “thank you” as often as I really should. And thank you for the books I’ve had the pleasure of reading and reviewing – but far fewer than I’d like to, and with far too many wonderful books and authors still patiently waiting. So let’s take another forward look…

I have a really unexpected treat on Sunday 30th April. I’ve been a host for the tours organised by Brook Cottage Books for a few years now, and its something I really enjoy. I’m so delighted that the little dynamo behind the tours, Debbie Johnston (known to many as JB) is visiting Being Anne as my guest, with a lovely interview.

On Monday 1st May I’m looking forward to introducing you to Julia Thum, half of the Ginger Black writing partnership, to tell us more about the background to the writing of their new book, Riverside Lane.

Tuesday 2nd May, and Pam Lecky will be my guest with a lovely post about research and period detail in historical fiction. I’ve also had the great pleasure of reading her short story, In Three-Quarter Time, and I’ll share my thoughts.

It’s a real pleasure to welcome Alison Morton as my guest on Wednesday 3rd May as part of her blog tour for the latest in the Roma Nova series, Retalio.

On Thursday 4th May I’ll be turning the spotlight on an important new paperback release from Elliott & Thompson as part of the supporting blog tour – Hitler’s Forgotten Children by Ingrid Von Oelhafen and Tim Tate. It’s a powerful first-person account from a child of the Lebensborn – the Nazis’ programme to create an Aryan master race – and I’ll be offering the chance to secure one of three paperback copies.

On Friday 5th May one of my favourites, Sheryl Browne, will be dropping in with a guest post to mark the paperback release of Learning to Love – which I’m planning to read as a treat on my holidays…

I think I’ll keep my options open for Saturday 6th May, as I’m still finalising a few features and interviews – but I’ll most certainly be reviewing the lovely new book from Sue Moorcroft, Just For The Holidays

On Sunday 7th May, Pauline Barclay will be my interview guest, talking about herself and her writing, and a little more about the wonderful Chill with a Book awards.

I’m rather excited about Monday 8th May, and just a little starstruck – I’ll be opening the blog tour for (wait for it…) Peter James, to mark the release of the 13th in the Roy Grace series, Need You Dead.

On Tuesday 9th May I’m delighted to be featuring Kate Hewitt again, with a spotlight on the third in the Willoughby Close series, Find Me At Willoughby Close.

On Wednesday 10th May, it’ll be such a pleasure to meet Maggie Cammiss – with news about the availability of her two books, No News Is Good News and Breaking News. And on Thursday 11th March, I’ll be joining the promotional tour for the new book by Karen Long – the third in the Eleanor Raven series, The Cold Room.

I’m very much looking forward to reading Paradise Girl by Phill Featherstone – something very different for me and very intriguing – but first I’ll be welcoming Phill with a guest post on Friday 12th May.

Another Choc Lit favourite on Saturday 13th May – I’m delighted to be welcoming Jane Lovering with a guest post to celebrate the paperback release of Can’t Buy Me Love.

Then on Sunday 14th May it will be such a joy to share (at long last) my review of Barbara Copperthwaite’s first book for Bookouture, The Darkest Lies.

Because I’m off on my holidays, I’m hoping to make Monday 15th May my advance review day. There might well be more if I get cracking, but I’m really looking forward to reading and reviewing Under an Amber Sky by Rose Alexander (out on 24th May), At First Light by Vanessa Lafaye (published 1st June), and The Honeymoon by Tina Seskis (also 1st June). (And aren’t their covers just magnificent?!)

It’ll be an absolute delight on Tuesday 16th May to feature a guest post from Gina Kirkham, author of Handcuffs, Truncheon and a Polyester Thong, published by Urbane on 18th May…

…and an equal delight to welcome Jenny Kane on Wednesday 17th May, with her latest book, Abi’s Neighbour, published on 4th May.

Then on Thursday 18th May, I have a wonderful guest post from Jane Isaac as part of the blog tour for The Lies Within, the latest in the DI Will Jackman series, published by Legend Press on 2nd May.

Then that’s it for a little while… I’ll be out of reach for a bit from 20th May…

…hopefully with lots of lovely reading time to catch up on my backlog, and to read some new books I’m looking forward to featuring in June.

There are two posts I’ll be scheduling to run in my absence though – on Monday 29th May I’ll be featuring Tessa Harris, whose new book, The Sixth Victim will be out on the 30th…

… and on Friday 2nd June I have a gorgeous post from Zara Stoneley, whose latest, Summer with the Country Village Vet, is published on 26th May.

Well, I’d better be getting on with it… I’m really looking forward to the month ahead, and hope you are too…

24 thoughts on “Coming up on Being Anne in May #amreading

    1. Anne Post author

      Thanks Cathy – I’m actually not that organised at all, and this is my way of making sure I have all the pieces in place!

  1. suemoorcroft

    I always get butterflies when someone says they’re going to review one of my books! 🙂 You’ve got an interesting month ahead, Anne. x

    1. Anne Post author

      No butterflies needed, Sue – finished last night, and really enjoyed it! x

    1. Anne Post author

      And maybe winning a copy, Dianne…

    1. Anne Post author

      Do you know, I’m quite looking forward to it too!

    1. Anne Post author

      And I’m rather looking forward to that bonus, Jo… xx

    1. Anne Post author

      I’m sometimes not sure how I do it either! And I’m really looking forward to sharing my thoughts about your gorgeous book… xx

  2. Short Book and Scribes

    I look through your list of things coming up, Anne, and I love the sound of everything. I think you once commented that you thought we liked a lot of the same things and I think you’re right. I’m also on the tour for Hitler’s Forgotten Children and I’m really looking forward to reading the interview with Debbie as I’m also doing quite a few tours for Brook Cottage.

    1. Anne Post author

      Thanks Nicola – whenever there’s a book you enjoy, i always take note of it too. Debbie and I have been wanting to do something together for ages, and I’m really delighted with the interview… I’m a big fan of Brook Cottage Books, and just wish I had Debbie’s energy…!

  3. Joanne

    Good grief Anne, I’m exhausted just reading your list! Looks like May will be busy, varied and very enjoyable on Being Anne.

    1. Anne Post author

      Thanks Joanne – rather a lovely mix this month!

    1. Anne Post author

      I love Barbara’s writing, and think this is her best yet – look forward to your review too!

    1. Anne Post author

      Thanks Jill – looking forward to it… x

  4. adrienneauthor

    Sounds like you’re going to have a very busy summer, Anne, good work and thank you on behalf of all authors. Enjoy your cruise when you get to it!

    I met Debbie Johnston this day last week in a bar in Dublin – Irish Chapter RNA – she is lovely and we’ll hopefully stay in touch!

    1. Anne Post author

      Thanks Adrienne, as always. And I couldn’t begin to comment on Debbie’s inclination for hanging around in Dublin bars… or yours, come to that! Glad to hear you’re both in touch… xx

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