Coming up on Being Anne in April (Part Two)… #amreading

By | April 17, 2017

A few surprises in that first half of the month, eh? And some rather lovely ones too. A particular thank you to all the authors who called in with their wonderful guest posts, to everyone who’s taken the time to comment, and to everyone for all the shares and retweets that exceed my ability to say a daily proper “thank you”. Time now to share my plans through to the end of April – the blog is wonderfully busy at the moment, and I love it that way…

Tomorrow, Tuesday 18th April, a guest post from an author with a book I really want to read – Abi Oliver. Have you heard about A New Map of Love? You’ll want to add it to your reading pile too – here’s an extract that’s been doing the rounds on Facebook. Go on, you know you want to…

A bit of a treat for you on Wednesday 19th April. You might already know how much I enjoy the posts from Nell Peters on Jenny Kane’s blog every month – well, this month, she’s also done one for me! Nell wrote one of my books of the year last year, Hostile Witness. and I’m so looking forwarded to welcoming her as my guest.

Thursday 20th April? Another favourite – I’ll be welcoming Jan Ruth, shortly after the release of the latest in her Midnight Sky series, Strawberry Sky, with a really excellent post with an equine theme.

Blog tours next! The first one is on Friday 21st April for Amanda James’ Behind The Lie. – I’m a big fan of Mandy’s writing, finished reading a few days ago and loved it, and I’ll be delighted to launch this tour with my review.

On Saturday 22nd April, I have another review – as part of the blog tour for The Wild Air by Rebecca Mascull. I finished this one yesterday, and found it absolutely stunning…

On Sunday 23rd April I’m welcoming Michael J Sahno, author of Miles of Files, as my guest…

…. then on Monday 24th April I’ll be delighted to introduce you to Andrea Jones – her debut, Offshore, is published that day.

Another blog tour on Tuesday 25th April, and I’m delighted to be featuring one of Joyce Schneider’s books again – this time it’s Watching You, with an extract that will chill your blood…

Wednesday 26th April? I’m a bit shame-faced that I still haven’t managed to read one of his books (so sorry Trevor!), but I will have a (rather excellent) guest post as part of the blog tour for TA Williams’ Dreaming of Venice

On Thursday 27th April, I’m delighted to welcome Emma Davies. The fourth book in her Tales from Appleyard, Blackberry Way is published on 20th April, but Emma’s post is about something else very close to her heart – and something that you’ll find is  (or should be) close to yours too..

Other than any reviews I can squeeze in (oh yes, I do have a few promised reads that I’m still really hoping to get round to reviewing – I might even have the first for you later today…), or last minute surprises, that’ll be it for April. I’m going to take a few days’ break to spend time with friends (see some of you at Birmingham on the Saturday, maybe?), but I will be back over that weekend to let you know what’s coming up in May… happy reading!

8 thoughts on “Coming up on Being Anne in April (Part Two)… #amreading

    1. Anne Post author

      Thanks Dianne – actually, so am I!!!

  1. Short Book and Scribes

    I love your coming up posts, Anne. It all sounds so fab. I’m really looking forward to the Abi Oliver book and Wild Air as well. And Offshore has just gone on my wish list. Like you, I need to get round to one of Trevor’s books and have a couple of Emma Davies’ to catch up with too. Look forward to reading all your posts.

  2. Carol Lovekin

    The Wild Air is already one of my favourites reads of the year. It could be massive. And always a treat to read you, Anne; find out what you have planned for us. xXx

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