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By | April 8, 2017

Ready to find out about the first book? It’s This Time Tomorrow by Rupert Colley.

Two brothers. One woman. A nation at war.

A compelling story of war, brotherly love, romance and betrayal during World War One. 

Vast in scope and intimate in the portrayal of three lives swept along by circumstances, ‘This Time Tomorrow’ moves from the drawing rooms of Edwardian London to the trenches of the Western Front and to the uncertainty of post-war Britain. It is a tale of love, loss and longing.

From the author

This Time Tomorrow is a novel of the First World War. It’s from the point of view of two young men, brothers, from a well-to-do London-based family.

The two brothers, Guy and Jack, are keen to do their bit for King and Country, a very common motivation for wanting to volunteer. It was seen as an opportunity for adventure, for excitement; a means, in many cases, to escape a mundane job. Of course, once the true nature of battle became apparent, be it in the trenches of the Western Front, or in Gallipoli, the Middle East, the appeal naturally wore of. Funnily enough, I recently read my father’s memoirs. He was born in 1900, so in 1918, as an 18-year-old, he was itching to get out there and he just missed it, and he was jealous of the boys who came back with medal ribbons pinned to their chests. I still don’t understand. Surely, by 1918, the romantic notion of war would have been well and truly dispelled and yet here was a young man, my father, still champing at the bit to go and smash a few Germans in. I never got the chance to ask him.

So, This Time Tomorrow is a novel about war but it’s also a novel about post-war life as young men, and women, adjusted to civilian life, often scared, physically or mentally, or both, by what they’d been through. Essentially, it is a novel about the ties that bind us, and the damage when those ties are severed; be it the ties between lovers, between siblings, or between children and their parents.

This Time Tomorrow is an emotional ride set against obviously a very dramatic backdrop but, I hope, intimate in the portrayal of individuals caught in the full glare of history.

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  1. Short Book and Scribes

    I like the sound of this book and I love the cover. Was going to download it but I checked my library and it turns out I already have it!

    1. Anne Post author

      Bet there’ll be others you fancy, Nicola! Glad to see I’m not the only one who needs to check their library…

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