Book Club Gold: Marry in Haste by Debbie Young #FreeBooks #GreatReads #bookclubgold

By | April 10, 2017

And we’re finally there! Today’s fourth featured book, and the final book of the twelve in the Book Club Gold promotion – Marry in Haste by Debbie Young.

Discussion questions

What can short stories do that novels can’t, and vice versa?

What is the difference between computer dating and arranged marriages, and why isn’t society more tolerant of either?

Have you ever had your mind changed by a chance remark from someone who didn’t know you?

Is it right or wrong to have secrets from one’s spouse, either in financial matters or any other sphere?

From the author

The things that excite authors are not always the most obvious. This time it was the imminent arrival of a package containing the wedding topper figurine featured on the cover of my short story collection, Marry in Haste. To create the cover design I used a stock photo, which for me summed up the tone and attitude of both the title of the book and the tone of the stories in the collection: proceed with caution. I loved the way the bride is apparently having second thoughts about tying the knot, leaning back from her husband’s over-enthusiastic embrace.

Wanting to freshen up the cover I wished I had the original statuette so that I could take my own photo. After ten minutes on eBay, I’d found not only the precise statuette featured in the original photo, but also a companion piece to use for the cover of my planned sequel, inevitably entitled Repent at Leisure. I’m not ruling out a Happy Ever After to turn this into a trilogy in due course. I couldn’t wait to get my parcel and meet what seemed like old friends to me. It would be the equivalent of seeing Facebook friends in real life for the first time, from all angles, in three dimensions, and finding out how tall they are.

It beats me, though, how anyone could want one of these less than enthusiastic plastic couples on their wedding cake. Neither of them look like the ideal representative of a happy couple.

And Marry in Haste completes the Book Club Gold collection. If you’d like a copy for your e-reader – or copies of any or all of the books in the collection – just click on any of the images. And just another reminder of that full link – http://www.deborahswift,com/instafreebie. And please remember that TODAY (Monday 10th April) is the last day of the promotion.

My thanks to all the authors who provided guest posts in support of the three day promotion and feature, with particular (and personal) thanks to Virginia King, who provided so much help and support in pulling it all together.