Book Club Gold: Along the Far Shores by Kristin Gleeson #bookclubgold #FreeBooks #GreatReads

By | April 8, 2017

And the next book? It’s Along the Far Shores by Kristin Gleeson.

A 12th century Irish woman sets out on the legendary voyage to America of Prince Madog of Wales. After a storm she is washed ashore on the Gulf Coast where only a stranger can help her. Part of the Celtic Knot Series.

From the author:

A Legend Retold: In Washington, D.C. in 1801, a Lt Joseph Roberts, a Welshman, was seated in a hotel restaurant and spoke in Welsh to the waiter he knew to be from Wales. To his astonishment a Native American chief of some minor tribe in Washington to sign a treaty, approached him and asked Roberts in Welsh, “Is that thy language?”

Roberts told him it was and the Native American said that it was his language too. Roberts questioned him and discovered that the whole tribe, located about 800 miles southwest of Philadelphia, spoke the language and it had been their language stretching back generations.

The account was published in a Welsh publication in 1805, Y Greal Neu Eurgrawn and in the Public Advertiser in 1819 and was one of many reports that fostered the legend of Prince Madog (or Madoc as it is sometimes spelled) sailing to America in 1169 and landing in Mobile Bay near what is now Alabama.

In Along the Far Shores I used the legend of Prince Madog as a context to tell the story of Aisling, an Irish woman who gets caught up in the events of Prince Madog’s life.

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