Coming up on Being Anne in April (Part One)… #amreading

By | March 29, 2017

When I write these “coming up” posts, it’s usually because I’m desperately trying to get myself in some way organised for the month ahead. Things are wonderfully busy on Being Anne – so many authors responded to my offer (via Book Connectors) of some guest spots (to cover my return to full speed reading!) and I do hope you’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve shared in March as much as I have. There are lots more to come next month – and if you’re an author who missed my offer, there are still slots available that I’d be delighted for you to fill, just drop me an email.

So, what excitement does April have in store? I’ll take you through to Easter – and come back again then with more trailers to the end of the month.

This weekend it’ll be a real pleasure to welcome Ian Wilfred to Being Anne for an interview – Ian’s new book, The Little Terrace of Friendships, looks simply gorgeous and was published yesterday in paperback and for kindle.

On Monday 3rd April I have a spotlight – as part of the blog tour with Brook Cottage Books – for Remember No More by Jan Newton, published by Honno Press on 16th March.

Then I have a couple of lovely guests. On Tuesday 4th it’s one of my favourites, Caroline James, with a gorgeous post on her special places…

And on Wednesday 5th I’m looking forward to welcoming Elly Redding: her first novel, True Colours, was published last November, and she’ll be sharing five of the many things she learned along the way.

There’s another spotlight on Thursday 6th, this time as part of the blog tour for Lesley Cookman’s Murder on the Run, the seventeenth instalment in the hugely popular Libby Sarjeant murder mystery series. And on Friday 7th, I’ll be welcoming Dave Sivers as my guest, part of the blog tour for The Blood That Binds, published the previous day.

Over the weekend – from 8th to 10th April – I’m planning a special feature (with much welcome support from Virginia King), with a series of posts from authors involved in Book Group Gold, a great initiative (with free books!) that I’ll be telling you much more about.

I have a top secret new release for you on Tuesday 11th, with my review (ooh, I am so looking forward to this one!). On Wednesday 12th I’ll be welcoming Sue Hampton, author of Ravelled and Other Stories – and on Thursday 13th, release day, I’m looking forward to reviewing the new book by the excellent Rachael English, The American Girl. Just take a look at this gorgeous cover…

Friday 14th? It’ll be a feature on another gorgeous book from Elliott & Thompson – A Sweet Wild Note by Richard Smyth.

And I’m really hoping I can also squeeze in an interview or two, and another review here and there as I catch up on my reading pile… oh, it’s so lovely to be back!

P.S. For anyone wondering how my mum’s doing… she’s doing just fine. It’s so lovely to see her settling in her new home, and getting a whole new lease of life at 91. Her social life will soon be considerably better than mine – coffee mornings, first Tai Chi class last week, and yesterday she went old time dancing…

18 thoughts on “Coming up on Being Anne in April (Part One)… #amreading

    1. Anne Post author

      Thanks Barbara – it’s a great relief, and so lovely to be back. And just in time for your new one too… I can’t wait! xx

    1. Anne Post author

      Enjoy your well-earned month, Linda! x

  1. noveldeelights

    This is very impressive, Anne! I don’t even know what I’m doing tomorrow! ?

    Such wonderful news about your mum!

    1. Anne Post author

      Thanks, Dee – these posts are my way of imposing some order on the chaos! Today, Mum has asked for an outing to Ikea to fill the void in her social diary…

    1. Anne Post author

      It was a wrench Cathy, leaving Wales after a lifetime there – but everything has gone far better than I’d ever hoped for x

      1. Cathy

        Yes, that can’t have been easy. You’ve had a rough time but hopefully that’s all behind you now 🙂 x

  2. Donna

    Very busy time around here! 🙂 After a big and hectic month, I’m not making plans for April, I am hoping for some rest 🙂

    1. Anne Post author

      And you’ve most definitely earned it after some wonderful posts this month! (If anyone hasn’t seen Donna’s fantastic Orenda series of features, do pop over to and take a look…)

    1. Anne Post author

      Thank you Abbie! And I’m rather delighted that Mum is doing so well too, even if I do seem to have turned into a clerical support and taxi service… xxx

  3. alison brodie

    What a great selection of books for your followers, Anne! I am so pleased your mum has settled down happily. And she’s 91 and dancing! That’s brilliant

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