The day has come – welcome to Being Anne…!

By | August 17, 2016



Hello everyone! I’m delighted to welcome you to the new home for my blog, Being Anne. You’ll still be seeing the same mix of reviews, features, guests, interviews and promotion that was on my previous site, but I hope you’ll agree that everything here looks so much better.

The purple background and the sunset were really starting to get me down, and it was frustratingly difficult to include many photos – there wasn’t enough space, and they tended to move around again when I wasn’t looking. And now that I’m simply Being Anne (.com!), I do hope I’ve seen the last of having “Reading” tagged on the end when I appear on tour posters – it was only there because I couldn’t get the URL I wanted when I joined Blogger! I’m really looking forward to doing things in WordPress instead – it’s early days, but while preparing my first few posts I’ve been really impressed by how easy and instinctive it is to use. I’ve set up this site myself, with a lot of help from Google and advice from blogging friends – doing many things wrong along the way, but (hopefully…!) learning from every mistake.

There are just a few things I wanted to tell you:

  • I moved all my existing posts over to this site, so if you have favourites – or if I’ve featured you, and you’d like to see it again – you’ll find everything here. My review index is done, my index of everything else will follow soon (with over 500 posts it’s a BIG job, and I do go a bit cross-eyed after a while and open the wine instead…). If you click on an old link, it’ll bring you here, to the migrated post… the Blogger site is no more, but the redirection IS working (she says confidently…). And you’ll find a “search” box in the panel to the right…
  • A very small number of posts haven’t migrated perfectly. There are a few small purple patches (but not many!) and a few pictures are bigger than they should be. And as for the complicated posts with lots of pictures – well, some have moved again, and refuse to move back. But life’s too short for any more housekeeping…
  • I’m unable to add a Bloglovin button (I even tried coding it…) – but I have moved all followers to this site from the old one: there is a link to Bloglovin at the end of my last post. I also can’t add a “Follow by WordPress” button (it’s not me, it’s the hosting…) but if you “like” a post (I do hope you will). some text appears to give you that option. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I promise you won’t miss a post – and I’ll be as active as ever on Book Connectors.

Enough words… let’s do a giveaway. There will be three – today, tomorrow and Friday. First, the giveaway I suspect everyone enjoys more than any other. For the chance to win a £25 (or equivalent) Amazon gift voucher, here’s the rafflecopter for entry…it’s open internationally.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you more about what’s coming up on Being Anne between now and the end of August… cheers!


60 thoughts on “The day has come – welcome to Being Anne…!

  1. Petra Rovere

    Hi Anne and congratulations. I’m looking forward for many more excelent blog post/reviews/etc…

  2. Claire Knight

    Happy launch Day Anne!!! Looking Good!!!

  3. annecater

    Looking good Anne! I admire you. I’ve considered changing to WP but have decided to stick with Blogger as my posts tend to be basic reviews and u do find it easy to manage. I am considering a bit of a make over though …

  4. Joseph

    Wow!! Fabulous new blog! I love it! Well done Anne! X 🙂

  5. suemoorcroft

    Love the clean new look, Anne! The blog looks fab. Isn’t there a ‘follow’ button in your widgets? I use WordPress and there’s one in mine – but maybe it depends what theme you choose. x

    1. Anne Post author

      It’s because of both the self-hosting and the theme Sue… and has been the subject of much angst and frantic googling! No workaround, unfortunately…

  6. mrsredwhite214

    Looks great! I love how easy it is to use WordPress sites on a mobile. Sharing your fabulous posts just a got so much easier for me ?

  7. Cass

    Congratulations! You have the new pad looking fabulous already! I’m a big fan of WordPress (mainly because I’m so technologically challenged!), though you are doing better than me on the widget links! 😉

    Looking forward to exploring in the coming weeks!

  8. gigigreen222

    Gorgeous new site Anne! Well done on getting so up-to-speed with everything … what a lot of work it must have been…but it all looks amazing!

  9. Michelle

    Looks good! Clean and fresh. Must be very satisfying

  10. ellieholmesauthor

    Great job, Anne! It looks fantastic. Looking forward to enjoying the whole new Being Anne experience 🙂 Ellie x

  11. tripfiction

    WordPress is more flexible and allows you to grow. Looking good! Must have taken a lot of time to develop and move everything over, you deserve a holiday!

  12. lindahuber

    Looking good – and an interesting giveaway, I’ve never seen a set-up like that. Well done and all the best!

  13. Tanya Phillips

    Congratulations on the new look. Love the photos. I look forward to seeing this regularly.

  14. Emma Crowley

    Congratulations Anne on the new blog layout.It looks fab and what time and effort must have gone into transferring everything over and the redesign.Well done.

  15. readingwrites

    Hi Anne it all looks fab, you’ve done a great job. How on earth have you manged to get Rafflecopter to work on WordPress? When I tried you couldn’t do it. I thought WordPress didn’t allow it. X

  16. Elizabeth Ducie

    Looking good, Anne. I also migrated from blogger to WordPress recently. Once you iron out the wrinkles, it’s much easier and more flexible.

  17. Dawn obrien

    it’s brilliant, so easy to navigate and looks good!

  18. Anne Post author

    Thank you so much to everyone for your comments today. With Twitter + Facebook going berserk too, I just can’t reply to everyone – but I really appreciate the wonderful support!

  19. Iona Grey

    In awe of your technical skill Anne (as well as everything else!) The new site looks fab! xx

  20. Sharon

    Congratulations on the new blog Anne, you’re braver than me on migrating over.

  21. lollyrugs

    Congratulations on the new blog Anne I love it, I’ve also signed up to your blog via email X

  22. Kate Frost

    A very welcoming new look and a great photo of you! 🙂

  23. Grass monster

    Loving the beautiful flowers at the top ?

  24. susan maclean

    Looking lovely Anne – good morning! you slid straight into my emails as one of my Bloglovin’ list as usual, so I guess that will always happen. Of course, also unsure what everyone else is seeing, but I see orchids at the top, pale grey as a background, and white body. Looks fine to me!!!

  25. Angi

    Loving the new blog – great fresh looking layout. xx

  26. sherylbrowne

    Ohhhh, I am impressed! If you opened the wine while working, Anne, it doesn’t show. Well done you! Can I hire you? My WP site needs a good overhaul. 😉 xx

    1. Anne Post author

      Ha ha! Thanks Sheryl ❤ I’m delighted I did it, but don’t want to tackle a task like this ever again…!

  27. Julie

    Lovely fresh and clear to read blog Anne. You should be so proud. xx

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