End of month report – and looking forward to August

By | August 1, 2016

“So Anne, how did July go?” 

Is it just me, or are months getting shorter? It doesn’t seem like a month since I wrote that post setting out my plans. You can read it again here. A few people did say it scared them to death – it actually frightened me a bit too! 

All blog tours were successfully delivered – well, eight out of the nine, because there was a tiny mix-up around one, and I’ll be reviewing it for paperback release later this year instead. 

I actually took part in 11 blog tours last month, with the addition of Debbie Howells’ The Beauty of the End (I’d already planned to review), A Jersey Bombshell by Georgina Troy, and Unquiet Souls by Liz Mistry (I so wish I could have read those two!)….

In addition to the tours, I published 10 non-tour reviews – some with added extras – and 14 features, guest posts and interviews. You’ll find them all in the panel to the left, under “July”. 

Would you believe I read 14 books in July? With this level of blog activity, that’s really the best I can do – and it’s nice that I now have a more realistic idea of what my limit is. My sincere apologies to those authors I didn’t get to, particularly any that I specifically mentioned in my last post.  Despite putting on my Superwoman costume, I just couldn’t read everything I wanted to, and I will try and catch up on your books later… (or then again, maybe your next books…).

If I’m honest, I’m a bit exhausted after 35 posts in a month! I blog because I love it, but I will never, ever run three posts a day again, like I did last Monday – and like I’m doing today! In fact, I’ll try and avoid running two a day in future. Do you realise how old I am? And that I’m meant to be retired?!

“So Anne, what’s coming up in August?”

Yes, OK, we do start off at breakneck speed again – but only until 9th August. I’m then taking a break until 17th August, when I hope to have something rather exciting for you. 

During the break, I will be moving my entire blog to WordPress, and to its own domain at www.beinganne.com (nothing to see yet!). It’ll be so wonderful to get away from people who insist on adding “reading” to my blog name because it’s the only URL I could get on Blogger. And I’m looking forward immensely to playing with the design, to give everything a simplified (and non-purple) layout – and to have the tools and space to improve the layout of the features I really enjoy running. 

So I won’t be lying back in a deckchair while I’m not blogging – I’ll be making sure I’m totally comfy with my new site and platform before I relaunch. Don’t worry, you won’t have any difficulty finding me again – I’ll make absolutely sure of that… 

So, until then, what’s happening on Being Anne? Nothing tomorrow – and that’s deliberate, I need a day for other things! 

Two tours on Wednesday 3rd:

Two tours on Thursday 4th:

There’s a feature on Friday 5th (still waiting for some content), and I hope I’ll have some more reviews for you on both Friday and (maybe) Saturday…

Another tour on Sunday 7th, a tour on Monday 8th…

and a feature with review of the exciting new thriller by Sam Carrington, Saving Sophie

And two more tours on Tuesday (9th)…

Then that’s it for a little while. I’ll still be reading – oh yes, of course I’ll be reading – or how will I fill the blog when I return? I’ve made a lot of reviewing promises for August – including some carried over from July – and I really hope to be able to keep them all. And I’m so looking forward to it…   

10 thoughts on “End of month report – and looking forward to August

  1. Liz Harris

    I was very excited to see a banner for 'The Lost Girl' there, Anne. Thank you. What a lovely sight!

  2. Beady Janet

    Phew you are a busy blogger I managed to get myself a tad more organised by the addition of a diary, but I thought I'd done well managing 10 blog posts in July!

  3. Anne Williams

    And so you have Jan – my time's my own to use as I want to, and I really enjoy blogging. There will probably never be 35 a month again though – I'm exhausted! x

  4. Jackie Buxton

    Hehe! Retired you say? New career more like! July's blogging is a wonderful achievement but I'm somewhat relieved to see that tomorrow is a rest day – rest from blogging, anyway. Thanks for your massive service to writers and readers πŸ™‚

  5. Kate Frost

    Wow, you really are a busy lady! Really looking forward to featuring on your blog on Thursday before you take your much needed break in the middle of the month. πŸ™‚

  6. Shaz Goodwin

    I love being self-hosted on WP. Good luck with your 'move' Anne. Looking forward to seeing your theme.

  7. Anne Williams

    Thanks Shaz – really looking forward to it now. And hopefully it'll see the end of posts like this one that have minds of their own and move around every time I close them! Thanks for commenting x

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