Blog tour feature: Wear Bright Colours For Me by Thea Hartley

By | May 30, 2016

I’m delighted today to be the first stop on the blog tour for Wear Bright Colours For Me by Thea Hartley, published in March 2016 for kindle and in paperback. It’s a story of the possibilities of reincarnation – the two main characters are soulmates who meet in life after life, but are always dramatically separated.  The rules of karma come into play, until they seek help and bring their fates – and those of others – to a dramatic conclusion. 

Here’s an extract:

Jim presented Emilie with a larger Gypsy ring than the one he had given her at their betrothal. It was of heavy gold with five precious stones set in the band …Jade, Amethyst, Moonstone, Emerald, and Sapphire, spelling “James.” Which was his given name.

The circle dispersed and the celebrations began. The gypsy band tuned up their instruments and began to play… then the dancing commenced. Couples took the opportunity to flirt, groups of gypsies circled one another, and single beautiful females made lascivious movements with their bodies leaping and swirling in beat with the music. Many more instruments appeared; violins, banjos, guitars, and tambourines amongst them. Laughter and singing could be heard for miles, the sounds swirling over the treetops and away to the mountains, in a wonderful cacophony of sound.

People ate their full, accepting generous amounts of wine and other liquor from the bride’s father. There were many drunken declarations of “best looking couple in the world”, “most generous host,” “most beautiful hostess,” and similar.

Jim and Emilie danced together and fed each other morsels of food, drinking wine from the same goblet. Their eyes caught each other’s gaze and twinkled with wine and anticipation.

Jim’s father had provided a tent for their wedding night to ensure them privacy. It was well made of thick canvas, and he had lined the floor with hides of fur. The groom’s mother had set out fine linen bed clothes as a wedding present, with soft pillows made of goose down. She had also provided throws and blankets in colourful patterns.

Soon it was time for Emilie to leave her parents Vardo and go to the tent next to Jim’s family caravan, to spend their wedding night and henceforth, her future life.

Her mother, sister, and brothers together with other family members kissed and ‘cried’ as she left them, bemoaning their loss, as Francine and Franny undid Emilie’s braids with the interwoven coloured ribbons, letting her hair fall loose, denoting that she was now a married woman. Jim’s mother, now her mother-in-law, helped to knot the “Diklo,” which is a headscarf worn by all married women.

Emilie’s Diklo was silk with intricate gold patterns which represented the moon and stars on a background of various shades of blue… from darkest midnight to palest sky hues. She would never be seen in public again, without this headscarf proclaiming her married status.

Franny and other young maidens, walked Emilie to the bridal tent, where Jim lay waiting for her.

Emilie opened the flap, and entered with trepidation.

Want to read more? Here’s some more detail on the book:

Have you lived before? Could you be a reincarnation of someone – yourself – from a time gone past? 

Reincarnation, is a belief which is centuries old and the central tenet of many religions. This is a tale about its possibilities. 

Amy and Luke meet and are separated in various lives. Each time they feel a connection, some may call them “Soul Mates”. 

Other people also turn up in life after life, in different roles. One man in particular always comes between our two ‘lovers’. He cursed them in a life many centuries ago, and part of their ‘journey’ is to get rid of the bad karma he wished upon them. 

However, mothers, fathers , friends, enemies and siblings also appear in different guises in each life, working out their own personal Karmic journeys. 

The story starts in contemporary times and travels back and forth through four previous lives at crucial points. It then returns to ‘now’ when our hero and heroine reach a critical stage in their life. 

Will the ‘soul mates’ finally be together? How can they discover their karmic destiny? What will happen to the other people in all these various lives? Where will their karmic journeys take them?

Read Wear Bright Colours For Me to discover the answers… and follow the blog tour to find out more.

About the author

Thea Hartley (Phillips/ Horton) lives in South Wales with her family. She has several books published, including a successful biography about her Grandfather, The French Letter King, two erotic romances, a psychological thriller No Refuge and a series of psychological mystery crime thrillers, featuring criminal psychologist Resa James. The first, Kith and Kill was released in November and the second Sticks and Bones in December. Wear Bright Colours For Me is a real departure from her usual genre, and her most ambitious book to date.Thea hopes to continue writing and bringing her knowledge as a former Psychology Lecturer into her fictional work. 

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