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By | December 8, 2015

I was just looking back at last year’s books of the year post, complete with pictures of twinkly Christmas tree and decorations. It’s that time of year again, but no tinselly images as I’m still living in a building site – if I manage to get a tree in place before the big day, I promise to post pictures…!

I decided to change the rules a little this year. As the rules are mine and mine alone, they’ve always been just a little vague. Last year, I had a top twelve, plus special mentions for the entire output of Choc Lit and everything written by Lucinda Riley. But if choosing was difficult last year, this year it’s been well nigh impossible. I only review books I’ve enjoyed – the others quietly disappear – and there’s certainly been a surfeit of enjoyment this year. I’ve also made it more difficult for myself this year by deciding to include my “lighter reading” – as it makes up such a large slice of what I read and enjoy, it feels faintly ridiculous to leave out books and authors that have given me so much pleasure. 

Anyway, here they are – my top 15 (try again…) my top 18. So much nicer than a top ten, eh? And just in case you think they’re in some sort of order, that really WOULD have been impossible. All links are to my reviews…

Letters To The Lost – Iona Grey

How To Be Brave – Louise Beech

Flowers For The Dead – Barbara Copperthwaite

The Summer Of Secrets – Sarah Jasmon

The Rest Of My Life – Sheryl Browne

The Girls – Lisa Jewell

The Tea Planter’s Wife – Dinah Jefferies

Our Endless Numbered Days – Claire Fuller

Not Forgetting The Whale – John Ironmonger

The Lodger – Louisa Treger

The Other Side Of The Mountain – Fiona Cane

The Versions Of Us – Laura Barnett

Summertime – Vanessa Lafaye

The Last Days Of Rabbit Hayes – Anna McPartlin

Three Amazing Things About You – Jill Mansell

The Mistake I Made – Paula Daly

The Daughter’s Secret – Eva Holland

Secret Of The Song – Cathie Hartigan

There’s really quite a mix in there! You’ll notice quite a few books by members of The Prime Writers – several others missed the list by the tiniest whisker. And there’s just one Choc Lit book – but others came very, very close. And I’ve been thoroughly delighted to include a number of books by relatively new writers, several independently or self published. 

It’s been a quite wonderful reading year – just take a look at some of my reviews. And (to my author friends), if you find you didn’t quite make it into my final 18, you should still take a bow – your books have, without exception, brought me immense joy and pleasure.

9 thoughts on “Being Anne’s Books of the Year 2015

  1. Susan Maclean

    Thanks again this year, Anne. Only one on your list has crossed my radar (The Tea Planter's Wife), and is on my pile of "read these next"! But most important – Not Forgetting the Whale is going straight onto my wish list!! I know you won't mind if I copy and past your review of that one onto another place…… because I am sure it will provoke interest. Thank you for being a blogger, and a Happy Christmas!!

  2. Liz Fenwick

    You've got some of my top reads on there…loved Not Forgetting the Whale, Summertime and the Tea planter's Wife! lx

  3. Anne Williams

    Happy Christmas to you too Susan! Of course I don't mind – and I'd highly recommend John Ironmonger's The Coincidence Authority too. Not Forgetting The Whale is a quite wonderful read…

  4. Anne Williams

    Thanks Liz – Vanessa's and Dinah's books are so excellent, but I do wish more people knew about John Ironmonger's quite wonderful writing…

  5. Sheryl Browne

    Oh, Anne. I can't believe it! I am so sorry I am coming in late. This is just so lovely, I'm actually feeling tearful now! Honestly, it's just the best news. And I am such good company! Thank you so very much! Thrilled to absolute bits!!! 🙂 xxx

  6. Sheryl Browne

    I've been so manic, I didn't even realise, Linda. Feeling so proud now. *Fluffs up chest feathers*. 🙂 xx

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