Holiday of a lifetime… with South American giveaway (now closed)

By | November 2, 2015

Those of you who are my friends on Facebook will have already become bored of hearing about crossing the Andes, Chilean and Argentinian winelands, helicopter rides, cable cars, jet boats under the Iguazu Falls and walks on Copacabana Beach. 

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m back, and will settle down again very soon. Well, I have to really – I have six blog tours this month and ten more books I’ve promised to read for special features. I will, though, be writing a few articles for OAPSchat (and will publish the links) later this month about my holiday highlights – which, just in case you didn’t know, also marked my 60th birthday (no, I can’t believe it either…) which I celebrated in style with the loveliest new friends.

So, before I move on, just a small South American giveaway for my followers, to celebrate my holiday, my return and my birthday. There are two prizes, each of a zipped bag with a key ring, postcard and bookmark: 

To enter, just comment below telling me (a) how you follow me and (b) whether you’d prefer the Copacabana bag or the I Love Rio. If we don’t know each other, please let me know how to contact you – Twitter name would be perfect. I’ll draw two winners on Sunday 8th November.

Competition now closed – and given the three entries, I wish I’d bought three bags! Rio bag goes to Linda, Copacabana bag to Rachel – and Karen, I’ll send you a couple of bookmarks with your Christmas card this year… 

If we’re not Facebook friends and you’d like to look at my many photos, I have five albums on Facebook and I’m more than happy for anyone to access them, but not to reproduce them without my permission. Here are the external links:

– Chile – Santiago and Valparaiso 

– The Andes + Mendoza 

– Buenos Aires 

– Iguazu Falls 

– Rio de Janeiro 

Do let me know if you have any problems gaining access.

So maybe just one last photo of the Iguazu Falls…

Right – now back to the book blogging…!

4 thoughts on “Holiday of a lifetime… with South American giveaway (now closed)

  1. Karen D

    I've loved seeing your holiday pics, you go to the loveliest of places. I stalk you via email & bloglovin & FB! If I was lucky enough to win, I would choose the Copacabana bag please. Karen x

  2. Rachel Gilbey

    Your holiday sounds amazing. Must be a wrench to be back. I follow on twitter, and I think email. Definitely via our Facebook groups! I would prefer the Copacabana Bag but would be delighted with either 🙂

  3. Susan Maclean

    Neither thank you! this is just to say "nice to see you back safe" and so glad you had a great time! xx

  4. Linda Hill

    I'd prefer the Rio version if I were lucky enough Anne as it would bring back many happy memories. I follow you on Twitter, and a couple of Facebook sites!

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