Celebrations soon!

By | February 9, 2014

I was just sitting back, feeling rather smug about being up-to-date with my reviews, and wondering what to do next.  I really need to do a proper index of the books I’ve reviewed, maybe some links to the reviews that have been published on author/publisher sites, think about some features (publishers maybe? favourite authors?) and I never did get round to doing my “books of the year” for 2013.  Maybe I could even get round to doing that post I’ve been promising myself – and open a new page – sharing my plans for when I take early retirement on 7th March… 

Then something caught my eye – my ticker’s quite a long way down on my home page and I don’t see it very often!  It’s actually my first blogoversary in 7 days’ time, and I nearly missed it!

And then I noticed something else – my blog is fast approaching 20,000 views, something I can hardly believe.  Makes it all worthwhile, doesn’t it?

I just wanted to thank everyone who has read my blog so far – and commented on it, retweeted links to it, written about it on Facebook – and a special thank you to the authors and publishers who have kept it so well supplied over the last year. 

I really should be doing something special to celebrate. When I do retire (have I mentioned I’m retiring?!) I’m planning to spend a lot more time and effort on building the blog into what I always wanted to be. So I think I’ll delay the celebration just a little – and I promise to begin with a really good splash… I just need to think what it can be!

8 thoughts on “Celebrations soon!

  1. Jane Hanbury

    It's so easy to miss the blogoversary isn't it? I think I have one coming up next month. Thanks for the reminder 🙂 I shall wish you a Happy Anniversary of blogging even if seven days early, (just in case I miss the actual day). For some reason I cannot share the links directly on Facebook anymore. I don't know if it's a Facebook thing or whether people have tightened up their settings on allowing sharing of posts. Anyway, I'm happy to support as much as I can and wishing you all the best and happy blogging.

  2. Essex Reader

    I can't believe its nearly a year ago since you started your blog – time goes so quickly. Happy blogoversary for next week – I love reading your posts and am looking forward to your next year's blogging x.

  3. Anne

    I'm a bit frightened of how time flies by so quickly, but I love your blog. Can't wait to see how it develops in the future. Looking forward to our trip to York to see Rowan Coleman very soon xx

  4. Anne Williams

    Thanks guys, much appreciated – it doesn't feel like 12 months to me either! Not sure what to do to mark the occasion – would book journal plus £5 Amazon token be acceptable do you think? Or should I be more creative? Maybe packs of books off my TBR? Help appreciated…

  5. Lindsay

    Congratulations Anne! I'm really glad you are enjoying blogging. Long may it continue. I'm cutting back a lot just now after nearly three years, but never say never!

  6. Joan Hill

    Sorry I'm a bit late Anne, but just popped in to say I love following your blog. Long may you continue. Congratulations thrice-fold. I can't wait to welcome you into the club….

  7. Anne Williams

    Thanks everyone – they're squeezing every bit of value out of me before I finish work, little time for blogging or planning this celebration, but now only seven working days left… I can't wait! xx

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