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Rachel Abbott – Kill Me Again

Rachel Abbott – The Back Road

David Ahern – Madam Tulip

Aimee Alexander – The Accidental Life of Greg Millar

Gilli Allan – Life Class

Gilli Allan – Torn

Anne Allen – Dangerous Waters and Finding Mother

Anne Allen – Echoes of Time

Catherine Alliott – My Husband Next Door

Kate Anthony – Beautiful Day

M J Arlidge – Eeny Meeny

M J Arlidge – Pop Goes The Weasel

M J Arlidge – The Doll’s House

Judy Astley – In The Summertime


Mandy Baggot – One Wish In Manhattan

Mandy Baggot – Truly, Madly, Greekly

Valerie-Anne Baglietto – Four Sides To Every Story

Valerie-Anne Baglietto – The Little Book Of Lost Hearts

Martine Bailey – An Appetite for Violets

Martine Bailey – The Penny Heart

Melissa Bailey – Beyond The Sea

Sara Bailey – Dark Water

Scarlett Bailey – Just For Christmas

Scarlett Bailey – Secret Santa

Scarlett Bailey – Two Weddings And A Baby

Alison Baillie – Sewing The Shadows Together

Linwood Barclay – A Tap On The Window

Laura Barnett – The Versions Of Us

Jo Bartlett – The Gift of Christmas Yet To Come

RL Bartram – Dance the Moon Down

Rhoda Baxter – Please Release Me

Belinda Bauer – Rubbernecker

Belinda Bauer – The Shut Eye

Hannah Beckerman – The Dead Wife’s Handbook

Louise Beech – How To Be Brave

Louise Beech – The Mountain in my Shoe

Maeve Binchy – A Week in Winter

Maeve Binchy – Chestnut Street

Jenny Blackhurst – How I Lost You

Fanny Blake – House of Dreams

Jo Bloom – Ridley Road

Jennifer Bohnet – A French Pirouette

Jennifer Bohnet – Rosie’s Little Cafe on the Riviera

Jennifer Bohnet – The Little Kiosk By The Sea

Darcie Boleyn – Wish Upon A Christmas Cake

Sharon Booth – Baxter’s Christmas Wish

Hilary Boyd – Thursdays in the Park

John Boyne – A History Of Loneliness

John Boyne – This House is Haunted

Kate Braithwaite – Charlatan

Helen Bridgett – The Mercury Travel Club

Jan Brigden – As Weekends Go

Su Bristow – Sealskin

Alison Brodie – Brake Failure

Sheryl Browne – After She’s Gone

Sheryl Browne – Death Sentence

Sheryl Browne – Sins of the Father

Sheryl Browne – The Rest Of My Life

Elizabeth Buchan – I Can’t Begin To Tell You

Tanya Bullock – Homecoming

Stephen Burke – The Good Italian

Stephanie Butland – Surrounded By Water


Jane Cable – Another You

Jane Cable – The Cheesemaker’s House

Jane Cable – The Faerie Tree

Graeme Cameron – Normal

Louise Candlish – The Disappearance Of Emily Marr

Fiona Cane – The Other Side Of The Mountain

DM Carr – Broken Faces

Sam Carrington – Saving Sophie

Clare Chase – A Stranger’s House

Clare Chase – One Dark Lie

Rebecca Chance – Mile High

Lucy Clarke – The Sea Sisters

Julie Cohen – Dear Thing

Julie Cohen – Falling

Julie Cohen – Where Love Lies

Tamar Cohen – The Broken

Jenny Colgan – Christmas At The Cupcake Cafe

Rowan Coleman – The Memory Book

Rowan Coleman – We Are All Made Of Stars

Amanda Coplin – The Orchardist

Barbara Copperthwaite – Flowers For The Dead

Barbara Copperthwaite – Invisible

JA Corrigan – Falling Suns

Christina Courtenay – The Secret Kiss of Darkness

Christina Courtenay – The Silent Touch of Shadows

Christina Courtenay – The Soft Whisper Of Dreams

Christina Courtenay – The Velvet Cloak of Moonlight

Julia Crouch – Tarnished


Siobhan Daiko – Lady of Asolo

Paula Daly – Just What Kind Of Mother Are You?

Paula Daly – Keep Your Friends Close

Paula Daly – The Mistake I Made

Emma Davies – Letting In Light

Emma Davies – Merry Mistletoe

Emma Davies – Turn Towards The Sun

Denise Deegan – Through The Barricades

Lucy Diamond – Christmas At The Beach Cafe

Lucy Diamond – One Night In Italy

Lucy Diamond – The Year Of Taking Chances

Miranda Dickinson – A Parcel For Anna Browne

Deborah Disney – Up And In

Eva Dolan – After You Die

Emma Donoghue – Frog Music

Teresa Driscoll – Recipes For Melissa

Louise Douglas – The Secret By The Lake

Louise Douglas – Your Beautiful Lies

Kerry Drewery – A Brighter Fear

Renita D’Silva – A Sister’s Promise

Sophie Duffy, Cathie Hartigan, Margaret James – A Christmas Celebration

Helen Dunmore – The Lie


Dave Eggers – The Circle

Laura Elliot – Fragile Lies

Stephanie Elmas – The Room Beyond

Rachael English – The American Girl

Rachael English – Each And Every One

Rachael English – Going Back

Barbara Erskine – River of Destiny

Jill Alexander Essbaum – Hausfrau

Lissa Evans – Crooked Heart


Jane Fallon – Skeletons

Nigel Farndale – The Road Between Us

Kirsty Ferry – Some Veil Did Fall

Kirsty Ferry – The Girl in the Painting

Katie Fforde – A Vintage Wedding

Katie Fforde – The Perfect Match

Nathan Filer – The Shock Of the Fall

Kerry Fisher – After The Lie

Giovanna Fletcher – You’re The One That I Want

Lucy Foley – The Book Of Lost And Found

Elizabeth Forbes – Nearest Thing To Crazy

Elizabeth Forbes – Who Are You?

Jamie Ford – Songs of Willow Frost

Sue Fortin – The Girl Who Lied

Essie Fox – The Last Days of Leda Grey

Janey Fraser – After The Honeymoon

Kathryn Freeman – Search For The Truth

Nicci French – Thursday’s Children

Nicci French – Waiting for Wednesday

Claire Fuller – Our Endless Numbered Days

Claire Fuller – Swimming Lessons

Kate Furnivall – The Italian Wife


Lisa Genova – Inside The O’Briens

Tess Gerritsen – Die Again

Linda Gillard – Cauldstane

Linda Gillard – The Trysting Tree

Michele Gorman – The Curvy Girls Baby Club

Ellie Gray – Beauty and the Recluse

Giselle Green – Dear Dad

Giselle Green – Finding You and Little Miracles

Jane Green – Tempting Fate

Linda Green – While My Eyes Were Closed

Juliet Greenwood – The White Camellia

Juliet Greenwood – We That Are Left

Iona Grey – Letters To The Lost

Ella Griffin – The Heart Whisperer

Beth Gutcheon – Gossip


Matt Haig – Echo Boy

Matt Haig – The Humans

Emylia Hall – A Heart Bent Out Of Shape

Helena Halme – The Englishman

Gillian Hamer – Complicit

Kate Hamer – The Girl In The Red Coat

Jenny Harper – Between Friends

Jenny Harper – Mistakes We Make

Carmel Harrington – Every Time A Bell Rings

Liz Harris – The Lost Girl

Melissa Harrison (ed.) – Autumn – An Anthology for the Changing Seasons

Cathie Hartigan – Secret of the Song

Paula Hawkins – The Girl On The Train

Samantha Hayes – Until You’re Mine

Samantha Hayes – You Belong To Me

Elizabeth Haynes – Human Remains

Elizabeth Haynes – Under A Silent Moon

Emma Healey – Elizabeth Is Missing

Veronica Henry – A Night On The Orient Express

Veronica Henry – Christmas At The Crescent

Kate Hewitt – Rainy Day Sisters

Georgia Hill – While I Was Waiting

Victoria Hislop – Cartes Postales

Lisa J Hobman – Bridge Over The Atlantic

Amanda Hodgkinson – Spilt Milk

Cat Hogan – They All Fall Down

Faith Hogan – My Husband’s Wives

Faith Hogan – Secrets We Keep

Katy Hogan – Out Of The Darkness

Eva Holland – The Daughter’s Secret

Ellie Holmes – The Flower Seller

Antonia Honeywell – The Ship

Anna Hope – The Ballroom

Anna Hope – Wake

Rachel Hore – A Week In Paris

Rachel Hore – The Silent Tide

Khaled Hosseini – And The Mountains Echoed

Julie Houston – An Off-Piste Christmas

Julie Houston – Looking For Lucy

Debbie Howells – The Beauty Of The End

Hugh Howey – Wool

Melanie Hudson – The Wedding Cake Tree

Kathryn Hughes – The Letter


John Ironmonger – Not Forgetting The Whale

JW Ironmonger – The Coincidence Authority

Jane Isaac – Beneath The Ashes


Angela Jackson – The Emergence of Judy Taylor

Anna Jacobs – The Trader’s Reward

Amanda James – A Stitch In Time

Amanda James – Behind The Lie

Amanda James – Cross Stitch

Amanda James – Somewhere Beyond The Sea

Amanda James – Summer In Tintagel

Caroline James – Coffee, Tea, The Caribbean And Me

Caroline James – Jungle Rock

Daisy James – The Runaway Bridesmaid

Erica James – Summer At The Lake

Erica James – The Dandelion Years

Laura E James – Follow Me, Follow You

Laura E James – What Doesn’t Kill You

Margaret James – Magic Sometimes Happens

Margaret James – The Wedding Diary

Peter James – Dead Man’s Time

Peter James – Want You Dead

Anna Jaquiery – Death In The Rainy Season

Anna Jaquiery – The Lying-Down Room

Sarah Jasmon – Summer Of Secrets

Dinah Jefferies – The Separation

Dinah Jefferies – The Tea Planter’s Wife

Amanda Jennings – In Her Wake

Amanda Jennings – The Judas Scar

Lisa Jewell – I Found You

Lisa Jewell – The Girls

Lisa Jewell – The House We Grew Up In

Lisa Jewell – The Third Wife

Milly Johnson – It’s Raining Men

Milly Johnson – The Teashop on the Corner

Ragnar Jonasson – Nightblind

Susanna Jones – When Nights Were Cold

Rachel Joyce – Perfect


Jessie Keane – Lawless

Fionnuala Kearney – The Day I Lost You

Susanna Kearsley – The Firebird

Erin Kelly – The Ties That Bind

Christobel Kent – The Crooked House

Simon Kernick – Ultimatum

Virginia King – Laying Ghosts/The First Lie

Judith Kinghorn – The Memory Of Lost Senses

Renee Knight – Disclaimer

Dorothy Koomson – The Flavours of Love


Vanessa Lafaye – Summertime

Jo Lambert – Summer Moved On

Joanna Lambert – The Other Side Of Morning

Jo Lambert – Watercolours in the Rain

Harriet Lane – Her

Alison Layland – Someone Else’s Conflict

Elizabeth Little – Dear Daughter

Carol Lovekin – Ghostbird

Carol Lovekin – Snow Sisters

Katey Lovell – One Night In Los Angeles

Katey Lovell – The Meet Cute series

Jane Lovering – I Don’t Want To Talk About It

Jane Lovering – Little Teashop of Horrors

Jane Lovering – The Art Of Christmas

Jane Lovering – The Boys of Christmas

Rachael Lucas – Coming Up Roses

Rachael Lucas – Sealed With A Kiss

Rachael Lucas – Wildflower Bay

SE Lynes – Valentina

Tara Lyons – In The Shadows


Clare Mackintosh – I Let You Go

Clare Mackintosh – I See You

Laura Madeleine – The Confectioner’s Tale

Emily StJohn Mandel – Station Eleven

Jill Mansell – Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

Jill Mansell – The Unpredictable Consequences of Love

Jill Mansell – Three Amazing Things About You

Jill Mansell – You And Me Always

Russell Mardell – Cold Calling

Katie Marsh – A Life Without You

Sarah Marshall-Ball – Hush

Alex Marwood – The Wicked Girls

Rebecca Mascull – Song of the Sea Maid

Rebecca Mascull – The Wild Air 

Carole Matthews – A Cottage By The Sea

Carole Matthews – A Place To Call Home

Carole Matthews – Calling Mrs Christmas

Carole Matthews – The Cake Shop In The Garden

Carole Matthews – The Christmas Party

Alison May – Cora’s Christmas Kiss

Alison May – Holly’s Christmas Kiss

Alison May – Jessica’s Christmas Kiss

Alison May – Midsummer Dreams

Jo Mazelis – Significance

Colette McBeth – Precious Thing

Colette McBeth – The Life I Left Behind

Kate McCabe – Magnolia Park

Kathleen McGurl – The Daughters of Red Hill Hall

Katharine McMahon – The Woman In The Picture

Anna McPartlin – The Last Days Of Rabbit Hayes

Lynne McVernon – Terrible With Raisins

Beth Miller – The Good Neighbour

Catherine Miller – Waiting For You

Lia Mills – Fallen

Hayley Mitchell – Because I Was Lonely

Lottie Moggach – Kiss Me First

Sue Moorcroft – Is This Love?

Sue Moorcroft – The Christmas Promise

Sue Moorcroft – The Wedding Proposal

Thorne Moore – The Unravelling

Eleanor Moran – A Daughter’s Secret

Liane Moriarty – The Husband’s Secret

Liane Moriarty – Little Lies

Sinead Moriarty – Mad About You

Sinead Moriarty – This Child Of Mine

Faith Mortimer – A Very Distant Affair

Faith Mortimer – Paradise Prison

Jason Mott – The Returned

Jojo Moyes – The One Plus One


Patrick Ness – More Than This

Linda Newbery – Quarter Past Two On A Wednesday Afternoon

Ashley Prentice Norton – The Chocolate Money

Liz Nugent – Unravelling Oliver


Maggie O’Farrell – Instructions For A Heatwave

Maggie O’Farrell – This Must Be The Place

Sheila O’Flanagan – Things We Never Say

Catherine O’Flynn – Mr Lynch’s Holiday


Cassandra Parkin – Lily’s House

Adele Parks – Spare Brides

Gill Paul – The Secret Wife

Lesley Pearse – Survivor

Amy Perfect – The Little Perran Romances

Karen Perry – The Boy That Never Was

Tasmina Perry – Deep Blue Sea

Tasmina Perry – The Proposal

Nell Peters – Hostile Witness

Jodi Picoult – The Storyteller

Helen Pollard – The Little French Guesthouse


Rebecca Raisin – The Little Bookshop On The Seine

Sarah Rayner – Another Night, Another Day

Lynda Renham – The Little Perran Romances

Lynda Renham – Perfect Weddings

Lynda Renham – Phoebe Smith’s Private Blog

Lynda Renham – Remember Me

Martina Reilly – What If?

Madeleine Reiss – Someone To Watch Over Me

Madeleine Reiss – This Last Kiss

Hannah Richell – The Shadow Year

Lucinda Riley – The Italian Girl

Lucinda Riley – The Midnight Rose

Lucinda Riley – The Seven Sisters

Suzanne Rindell – The Other Typist

Kate Riordan – The Girl In The Photograph

Debbie Rix – Secrets Of The Tower

Julia Roberts – Time for a Short Story

Lucy Robinson – The Day We Disappeared

Lucy Robinson – The Unfinished Symphony Of You And Me

Shelan Rodger – Yellow Room

Deborah Rogers – The Devil’s Wire

Talli Roland – Last Christmas

Talli Roland – The No-Kids Club

Helen J Rolfe – The Chocolatier’s Secret

Jane L Rosen – The Dress

Jan Ruth – Silver Rain

Jan Ruth – Wild Water series


Claire Sandy – A Very Big House In The Country

Claire Sandy – What Would Mary Berry Do?

Tina Seskis – A Serpentine Affair

Tina Seskis – One Step Too Far

Diane Setterfield – Bellman and Black

Kamila Shamsie – A God In Every Stone

Jane Shemilt – Daughter

Kathryn Simmonds – Love and Fallout

Paullina Simons – The Bronze Horseman

Curtis Sittenfeld – Sisterland

Tom Rob Smith – The Farm

Richard Smyth – A Sweet Wild Note

Elaine Spires – Single All The Way

Lynda Stacey – House Of Secrets

Lynda Stacey – Tell Me No Secrets

Eva Stachniak – Empress Of The Night

Jessikah Stenson – A Single Drop of Perfect

Sarah Stephenson – Dougal’s Diary

Karen Swan – Christmas at Claridge’s


Leslie Tate – Heaven’s Rage

CL Taylor – The Accident

C L Taylor -The Lie

C L Taylor – The Missing

Jonathan Taylor – Melissa

Tilly Tennant – I’m Not In Love

Tilly Tennant – One Starry Night

Tilly Tennant – The Accidental Guest

Tilly Tennant – Ways To Say Goodbye

Annie Thomas – A Woman’s Choice

Rosy Thornton – Sandlands

Samantha Tonge – How To Get Hitched In Ten Days

Louisa Treger – The Lodger

S K Tremayne – The Ice Twins

Liz Trenow – The Forgotten Seamstress

Ann Troup – The Silent Girls

Sarah Vaughan – The Art Of Baking Blind

Sarah Vaughan – The Farm At The Edge Of The World

Sarah Vincent – The Testament of Vida Tremayne


Rebecca Wait – The View On The Way Down

Wendy Wallace – The Painted Bridge

Helen Walsh – The Lemon Grove

Louise Walters – A Life Between Us

Sarah Ward – In Bitter Chill

Kirsty Wark – The Legacy of Elizabeth Pringle

Sue Watson – We’ll Always Have Paris

S J Watson – Second Life

Katherine Webb – The Misbegotten

Katherine Webb – The Night Falling

Theresa Weir – Come As You Are

Juliet West – Before The Fall

Ann Weisgarber – The Promise

Sue Welfare – Off The Record

Lucie Whitehouse – Before We Met

Laura Wilkinson – Redemption Song

Laura Wilkinson – The Family Line

Julia Williams – A Hope Christmas Love Story

Joy Wood – For the Love of Emily

Starr Wood – Once Upon A Timepiece

Carol Wyer – Life Swap